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Have you ever opened a can of food or a bag of kibble and wondered about the contents? Why does it smell so bad? Why are the ingredient lists so complicated and long? What’s even in it? Cats may be mysterious, but their food shouldn’t be. That’s where Smalls comes in. Smalls is human-grade, fresh food, for cats.

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A brief history of cat food

Smalls was founded on the simple discovery that cat food was never really made for cats’ unique nutritional needs. Kibble was invented out of a necessity to meet ration requirements for meat and canning materials such as tin during Word War II. What’s more, kibble was primarily invented for dogs. Cats seem to have been an afterthought, and as we know now, cats are not small dogs.

Cats are obligate carnivores. They need protein-packed meals that are filled with natural moisture and no starches. Kibble became the status quo because it’s convenient, shelf-stable, and cheap. Unfortunately, a diet of low-quality kibble means cats often don’t consume nearly enough water, leaving them in a constant state of dehydration, which can result in chronic renal problems, and in many cases, shortened lifespans. A regular diet of fresh food is one of the best ways to prevent chronic health problems.

A short and simple ingredient list on Smalls Human-grade Fresh Chicken recipe, compared to a conventional canned cat food label—long, complicated, mysterious.

The issues with kibble, and even canned cat food, go beyond how it’s made. The pet food industry standard is “feed-grade”, which means ingredients are not regulated by the FDA and therefore, not considered to be safe for human consumption. Your furry friends are like family, so why would they not eat like it?

Our cats are like our family members—so let’s feed them like it.

Smalls: human-grade, fresh food for cats

Smalls starts with quality, traceable, regulated, and safe human-grade ingredients  – the same ingredients you would pick up at your local market. By starting with higher quality ingredients, Smalls is able to tell you exactly what is in each recipe, and gently cook their formulas to lock in the nutrients and moisture that cats biologically need.

After cooking the ingredients, Smalls freezes each pack for shipping. Smalls is making sure that you don’t have to compromise your cat’s health and convenience.

Curious about trying Smalls, but have a picky kitty by your side? No problem. Smalls, a company of cat people, understands that our feline friends can have particular palettes, and have developed a two-week sampler so your cat can try their different textures and recipes and decide what’s their favorite. From there, you can customize your subscription to be delivered monthly.

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