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Mews and Nips: “Unadoptable” Cats Bring Happiness


Cats’ Protection, a humane organization in the UK that helps around 200,000 cats through its national network of branches and centers, has been shining a light on cats that are often considered unadoptable. And yet, it’s often these seemingly unadoptable cats that make the purrfect match for someone looking for a special cat. The Mirror recently featured some of these heartwarming stories.

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Pre-order My Life in a Cat House, Help Blind Cat Rescue, and Win a Visit from Gwen Cooper


You’ve seen my reviews of some of the humorous and heartwarming short stories about the ongoing adventures of Gwen’s feline family in her monthly Curl up with a Cat Tail Series over the last few months. Hopefully, the stories have whetted your appetite for more! You won’t have to wait much longer: My Life in a Cat House, a collection of eight stories, comes out on October 30th. Continue reading…

Adopting After Losing a Cat


Guest post by Sarah Chauncey

After the death of a beloved cat, it can be hard to believe we could ever open our hearts and homes to another. While it’s true that each cat (and our bond with them) is unique, keeping our hearts closed to future felines means we can wind up dwelling on the loss, rather than exploring new bonds. Continue reading…

How You Can Help Animals Affected by Hurricane Florence


It’s impossible for me to wrap my mind around the devastation in the Carolinas and beyond following hurricane Florence. To think about what the people and the animals in the flooded and destroyed areas are going through just breaks my heart. The one bright spot in all of this, to me, has been to see the many images of pets being rescued. Distressing as the images and videos may be, It seems that finally, the message is getting through that pets are family members. Continue reading…

Pain Management for Cats Just Got Easier. Coming Soon: The Assisi Loop Lounge™


This post is sponsored by Assisi Animal Health*

Over the past couple of years, you’ve seen me feature reports on how the Assisi Loop has helped cats with anything from arthritis to post-surgical recovery to dealing with chronic inflammatory conditions such as stomatitis or urinary tract issues. Later this month, Assisi Animal Health will introduce a revolutionary new way to deliver the same trusted pain control of the Loop via targeted pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (tPEMF™): The Assisi Loop Lounge™. Continue reading…

Mews and Nips: The Job Ad For a Cat Caretaker that Went Viral


You’ve probably seen this ad on social media: look after 70 cats on a Greek Island for four hours a day. The job comes with a small house on a long, tree-backed sandy stretch with winding lanes and wildflowers, a car, all expenses paid and a salary of £450 per month. The ad went viral, and Joan and Richard Bowell, the founders of God’s Little People Rescue on the Greek island of Spyros, received 35,000 applications. To learn more about their search for the ideal candidate, and the history behind this rescue organization, please visit The Guardian.

If you missed any of the stories featured on the Conscious Cat this week, here’s a recap: Continue reading…

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