Exploring the Cats of the Rich and Famous: 20 Celebrity Cats!

grey cat closeup wearing colorful sunglasses

For cat owners, feline fur babies mean the world. Cat owners love to snuggle up with their cats and doze off listening to their purrs or even playing games with them – the rich and famous are no different. The rich and famous love to post their beloved felines on social media, and some cats even cash in on the exposure.

In this article, we’ll explore the cats of the rich and famous. Some of the rich and famous on the list may surprise you. Without further ado, let’s find out what celebrities have cats.

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Is My Cat Deaf? 6 Easy Ways to Tell!

orange and white cat cocking head on wood floor

If you’ve been asking yourself, “Is my cat deaf or ignoring me?”, you’ve probably noticed changes in your cat’s behavior. Maybe they are not responding to your voice like they used to or perhaps they seem oblivious to the vacuum cleaner that used to scare the dickens out of them. Either way, I’m here to help!

It can be tough knowing if your cat is deaf because we all know cats can be a bit weird. The fact is that cats can develop deafness caused by old age, illness, or injury. Here are some ways to tell if your cat is deaf or if they’re just playing you for a fool. I’ve also included information at the end of this article regarding how to care for a deaf cat, just in case you determine that your cat is deaf.
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6 Great DIY Cardboard Cat Scratcher Plans to Try Today!

white cat scratching folded corrugated cardboard

You’ve probably been meaning to go to the store to buy your cat a new scratcher, but it’s an easy thing to forget, as they aren’t everywhere. But perhaps, instead, you’ve realized that you might be able to make one at home yourself— and you’d be right!

We rounded up some terrific plans that you can try, most of which won’t even require you to leave your house for supplies. Take a look and see which one sounds like the best idea for you.

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How to Clean Cat Eye Boogers (Cat Eye Discharge) In 6 Simple Steps

cat with boogers and watery eyes

Cats’ eyes can be quite beautiful, especially when they are lit up with a love of life. Make-up artists often use cats’ eyes as inspiration to create some of the most gorgeous cosmetic looks ever seen. We are used to associating cats’ eyes with elegance and style—and maybe that’s why there’s nothing quite as unsightly as a cat with crusty, dirty eyes.

Often the culprit behind the grossness is something as simple as eye boogers. But what is it about these little balls of mucus that causes cats to produce them in such great quantities? And what is the very best way to get rid of them? Read on to learn my simplest and safest ways to de-gunk your kitty’s peepers and have their eyes looking stunning again in no time.

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What is Cat “Rust”? What Causes It?

black cat rust color in the sun

Black cats have long been associated with bad luck, but their luck has changed significantly in the last few decades. With the rise of social media cat groups (like ours!), more and more people came together to discuss their love of “voids”, so named for their dark coloration and tendency to look like a cat-shaped void in pictures.

No matter how dark your black cat is, you have likely seen your cat napping in a nice sunbeam and noticed a reddish brown coloration on your cat. Is your cat becoming bleached or changing colors with age? If you’ve noticed this color shift in your black cat, then you’ve seen cat “rust”. Come with me as I discuss this interesting phenomenon!

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Why Do Cats Hate Water So Much? Top 3 Reasons Explained!

Orange Devon Rex cat with glass of water by window

If you’ve ever tried to bathe your cat, you probably know just how much cats hate water. Most cats very distinctly hate water and getting wet in just about any situation, even if it’s a situation they put themselves in.

As in all things, there are cats that love the water and swimming. Some cats even love water enough to jump in bathtubs or swimming pools with people. These cats are few and far between, though (I’ve never met one!). Why do cats hate water so much? It seems so strange for them to hate something that is also required for keeping them alive. There are a few good explanations for why your cat hates water, though.

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Calico vs Tortoiseshell Cats: How Are They Different?

Calico vs Tortoiseshell cats

Calico and tortoiseshell kitties both have a striking appearance, thanks to their lovely combination of colors and unique markings. Many people don’t realize there is a difference between the two, though. Some people may not even realize that tortoiseshell is a type of cat but instead think that every cat with orange patches is a calico.

It’s also not common to realize there are differences in personality between these two kitty colors. People who own tortoiseshell cats will tell you all about “tortitude”, and calico cats also have a temperamental reputation. There are definitely distinct differences in both appearance and temperament with these two coat colors.

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Can Neutering Your Cat Increase Their Life Expectancy?

cat wearing elizabethan collar after neuter surgery

Neutering your cat is one of the most important procedures in your male cat’s life.1 Every cat owner knows how bad male cat pee smells, and unneutered males tend to spray once they enter puberty. Aggressive behavior ensues; your male cat will wander and roam, become territorial, and will become a less-than-desirable cat to have around. But what about your male cat’s health? Can neutering your cat increase their life expectancy? I can answer that question with a resounding yes!

Having your male cat neutered will undoubtedly increase his life expectancy. Join me in deciphering this subject to better understand why you should neuter your cat if you haven’t already.

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Do Cats Have Eyelashes? The Fascinating Answer!

pink sphynx cat closeup without eyelashes

Eyelashes aren’t something we pay much attention to except when they cause irritation or aren’t there at all. Just like humans, many animals have eyelashes to protect their eyes from damage. Whether cats have eyelashes or not though is a topic that’s widely debated among the cat-lover community.

While some breeds like the Sphynx don’t have eyelashes at all, the majority of cats do have eyelashes even if they’re difficult for us to see. Come with me as I answer some commonly asked questions about cats, eyelashes, and whether our feline friends have them.

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Can Cats Be Allergic to Humans? Symptoms to Look For!

Cat sneezes

All cat owners know the risks of having allergy problems while owning a cat. Many of us can owners cat owners are not allergic and don’t develop allergy symptoms around their cats, but it is unfortunately a common nuisance for others.

Cat dander is a common allergen to humans, but that’s not the only culprit. Proteins found in a cat’s urine and saliva are allergy triggers and are the most common reason people suffer from allergies around cats.1 But if the tables were turned, can cats be allergic to humans?  Although rare, it’s possible for cats to be allergic to humans. Now that we know it’s possible, let’s explore how and why cats can be allergic to humans. I’ll also show you some common symptoms to watch for!

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What’s Up with the Cute Fuzz Inside Your Cat’s Ear?

cat ear close up

We all know cats are cute and snuggly. They even have fuzzy ears. But what’s up with that cute fuzz inside your cat’s ear? Does it have a purpose? Or is it just extra hair? I have always wondered about this, so I decided to investigate!

As it turns out, that fluffy bit of fur inside your kitty’s ears is called ear furnishing, and it serves a much greater purpose than just making your cat look cute. Let’s find out more!

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