Will the Smell of My Cat Keep Mice Away? The Surprising Answer

cat staring at a mouse coming out from a hole

My childhood is filled with memories of watching poor Tom’s never-ending pursuit of clever Jerry and Speedy Gonzales outsmarting Sylvester’s every new hunting trick. These iconic cat-and-mouse duos have contributed to the enduring idea that cats will do anything to catch their precious prey. But as a fervent cat lover, I know that in real life, cats can be quite lazy and even indifferent to the presence of rodents.

But what about mice? Are they really resourceful, persistent creatures that can invade your home at will, or is the smell of cats enough to keep them at bay? Unfortunately, the mere scent of your cat may not be enough to deter mice from entering your home. Indeed, these tiny rodents can still infest your house even if they sense the presence of your feline companion.

Read on for an explanation of these animals’ intriguing behaviors.

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My Cat Loves Sleeping on My Face, Is That Normal?

a pet cat sleeping next to its owner

Some cats love to cuddle and may eventually get in the habit of sleeping on their owners’ faces. For the most part, you can take this behavior as a compliment, as it’s often a sign of trust and affection. After all, cats that feel unsafe will never try to sleep on someone’s face.

There are several reasons why a cat may choose to sleep on their owner’s face. As cats aren’t able to verbally explain why they do this, we can only speculate why they engage in this behavior.

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Can a Cat Ride on a Motorcycle Safely? Facts & Tips

cat on top of a motorcycle

As a cat owner and frequent motorcycle rider, I often wonder if I can have my cat join me on a ride. Fortunately, there are a few steps that you can take to make a motorcycle ride safe for cats, but keep reading for factors to consider before you strap a helmet on your cat and hit the road. I also discuss whether cats even like to travel and the tools and equipment that you will need. In short, yes, cats can ride on motorcycles with the right safety precautions.

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Are Cats Faster Than Dogs? Understanding Your Pet

blue tabby maine coon cat running outdoors

Determining whether cats or dogs are faster will largely depend on the breeds you’re talking about. However, dogs generally have an advantage over cats, as many are bred specifically for their hunting or athletic abilities.

To get the most accurate answer, we’ve measured the fastest cat breed against the fastest dog breed, and dogs are indeed faster than cats. However, cats can still outrun dogs! So, clearly, there’s more to our answer, but let’s take a look at the contenders.

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Do Cats Understand Human Meows? The Interesting Answer

young woman with her pet cat outdoors

When our cats talk to us in their language, it’s human nature to mimic it. After all, we can mock what we hear, unlike many species. But when our cats hear us meow, is it a recognizable thing? Or rather, is it like trying to repeat a foreign language with awful pronunciation and inflection?

Even though you might try to get on your cat’s level and share the lingo, the truth is, they just don’t see it that way. A human meow sounds like just that—another weird human sound. Let’s understand how cats view us and our communication methods so you can gauge the perspective.

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My Cat Loves Drinking from the Tap – Is That Normal?

cat drinking tap water from the faucet

Cats can engage in activities that leave us feeling puzzled. While we may think that using water bowls is the easiest way for cats to drink water, cats may think otherwise. There are several reasons why your cat may prefer to drink from the tap rather than from its bowl. It may be because their sensitive whiskers don’t like the feeling of touching the water, or they’re just not used to drinking still water.

So, it’s quite normal for cats to prefer drinking water from the tap. We’ll go over some possible reasons why your cat loves drinking from the tap and how to prevent your cat from playing with water taps.

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Can Cats Find Their Way Home If They Get Lost? FAQ & Tips

Black cat puffing tail on sidewalk

If your cat has ever snuck outside when it shouldn’t have or not come home after you let it out for its daily exploration, you know that feeling of dread and worry well. There’s nothing worse than not knowing where your beloved pet has gone. If your kitty is currently MIA, you’re probably wondering if it can find its way home.

Cats actually can find their way home thanks to a special skill known as the “homing instinct”.

Read on to learn more!

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Chonks: The Internet Craze That Promotes Unhealthy Cats

fat cat sitting on the grass

If I were to open my Instagram account and mindlessly scroll through the media buffet, I would undoubtedly see pictures and videos of chonky cats.

What do I mean by chonk? I mean pudgy, cuddly, fat cats. Photos as far as the eye can see of furry butterballs showing off their tum tums, ready to bunny kick any fingers that dare scratch the surface.

There is no hiding the chonk. How could you? It spills over and off to the side, like bread baking around twine in a hilarious fashion. Needless to say, the internet is full of chonky cats. But as quickly as we laugh, we must question whether our love for fat cats promotes unhealthy pets (the answer is yes).

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How to Keep an Indoor Cat Entertained (10 Awesome Tips & Ideas)

Cute crossbreed Persian cat playing with a ball

While cats can sleep between 12–16 hours a day, they still require plenty of exercise and entertainment to stay happy and prevent boredom. Bored cats and cats that don’t get enough exercise eventually start to experience negative health issues, including stress, weight gain, and depression.

Therefore, it’s important for indoor cats to have multiple opportunities a day to get some exercise and entertainment. Different cats will have different preferences on what they find fun and engaging. Here are some ways you can make your home and your cat’s daily routine more entertaining and exciting.

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Do Cats Like It When You Boop Them? Understanding Your Furry Friend

owner booping cat

Booping a cat is the ultimate way to ask a cat’s permission to give it some love. It generally involves taking one finger, touching your cat’s nose, and then holding it out for a cat to investigate. Most, but not all, cats enjoy a good boop, provided it’s done respectfully and without forced or unwanted contact. Cats interested in interaction often take a sniff and move in for more contact, giving you the green light to boost your petting game.

It’s a great way to introduce yourself to cats you don’t know, but remember not to stare and to hold your hand out until they decide to approach you, as cats generally like to be in the driver’s seat when it comes to interacting with new people. Cats that know and trust people often see boops coming and respond by moving in and holding their heads up in anticipation of some love.

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How to Introduce a Cat to a Dog: Our 8 Expert Tips

cat and dog looking at each other

Introducing a new pet to your current one can be a stressful experience, but a lot of that stress can be addressed by being prepared, calm, and patient. While some cats and dogs don’t like each other, they can get along.

However, most pets take time to grow accustomed to each other. Introductions and first impressions are important, and if an introduction goes wrong, it could set up a bad relationship that is difficult to repair. So, let’s look at the best ways to introduce a cat to a dog.

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