How to Tell If Your Cat is in Pain


Cats are masters at masking pain. While acute pain may be fairly obvious to cat parents, it can be more difficult to discern whether your cat is in pain when it comes to chronic pain from conditions such as arthritis. Sadly, even veterinarians sometimes overlook signs of feline pain, or are not aggressive enough in treating it.Continue Reading

Mews and Nips: Lucky Cat Gets His Own Underwater Mini “Sea World”


When it comes to keeping cats entertained and all conventional methods fail, you have to get creative. Melissa Krieger’s cat Jasper was fascinated with her multiple aquariums, watching the fish from a distance. To make the experience even better for Jasper, Krieger and her fish supplier created a unique design so Jasper could watch the fish as if he was underwater, too. Visit Good News Network for more about Jasper’s “Sea World” or watch the video below.

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Triple T Studios
Triple T Studios

Review: Patient Privacy Screen for Veterinary Hospitals and Shelters


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Few things are more upsetting to cat parents than the thought of a beloved cat having to spend any time in the hospital, even if it’s only for a few hours before and after an outpatient procedure. And it’s pretty stressful for cats, too, especially if a clinic is not feline-only or doesn’t have a separate cat ward if it’s a mixed practice.Continue Reading

Triple T Studios

Mews and Nips: Cat “Adopts” Rejected Sphinx Kitten


When a newborn sphynx kitten named Cleopatra was brought to the Helen Woodward Animal Center in Rancho Santa Fe, California after being rejected by her mom, staff began bottle feeding the little baby to nurse her back to health, but they knew that ideally, the little one needed a nursing mom. Six days later, a pregnant domestic short-haired cat named Ballerina arrived from a partner shelter — and gave birth three days later. According to animal center staff, Ballerina was extremely affectionate and welcomed Cleopatra as one of her own. For more about the little family, visit

If you missed any of the stories featured on the Conscious Cat this week, here’s a recap:Continue Reading