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And let's not forget, we have a soft spot for tortoiseshell cats and their unique personalities, also known as "tortitude."

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Help Samantha Martin, Acro-Cat Mom and Champion of Cats, Fight Cancer


I was stunned when I found out earlier this week that Samantha Martin, the creator and Chief Executive Human behind the Amazing Acro-Cats, was diagnosed with stage 3 colo-rectal cancer.

Samantha has worked for many years to promote life-saving animal training techniques. Traveling across the country with her Amazing Acro-Cats, she encourages and supports feline fostering, rescue and adoption. Since 2009, Samantha has rescued and found homes for 216 cats, and proceeds from her shows have helped local agencies in countless towns visited by the troupe. Continue reading…

Sheer Fun for Cats Brings Out the Inner Tiger in Your Cat


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We’re all familiar with this scenario: the floor in every room in your house is covered with cat toys. Your cats may half-heartedly bat at the toys occasionally, but for the most part, they show very little interest. And yet, we all know how vital play is for a cat’s physical and mental well-being. It’s especially important for indoor cats.. In the wild, when lions, tigers and other wild cats aren’t sleeping, they’re either hunting, or teaching their young to hunt. And play is nothing more than channeling your domestic tiger’s hunting instinct into play. Continue reading…

Saying Goodbye to Hedda, Part Two: Making the Euthanasia Decision


Guest post by Sarah Chauncey

This is the second post in a three-part series. Sarah Chauncey is the author of an upcoming book for adults grieving the loss of their cat. We featured part one, Facing the Possibility of Euthanasia, last week. We will feature part three, Creating an End of Life Ritual, next week.

Over the years, I’d been told to “prepare myself” more times than I could count. On two occasions in the previous four years, different vets had given Hedda “weeks to months.” Secretly, I’d started believing that maybe she was immortal. Continue reading…

PrettyLitter Alerts Cat Parents to Health Issues Early


This post is sponsored by PrettyLitter

Cat litter is a fact of life for all of us, and while it may not be the most exciting aspect of sharing life with a cat, it’s a necessity. You can make it sound cutesy by calling it “kitty” litter, but that really doesn’t change all the negative associations some people have with it: Heavy. Dusty. Tracked through your house. Why can’t someone invent some a litter that isn’t all those things? Continue reading…

Conscious Cat Sunday: Daylight Saving Time


In much of the United States, today marks the arrival of Daylight Saving Time. I’m not a huge fan of the time change. I’m an early bird, and I prefer it to be light when I get up in the morning. Mostly, I just wish they’d stop switching back and forth, which makes absolutely no sense to me. And I can guarantee you it doesn’t make sense to cats. They may like the “spring forward” change – breakfast an hour early! – but I’m pretty sure they’re not crazy about delayed meal times when we fall back in November. Continue reading…

Mews and Nips: Why Cats Knead You With Their Paws


Having a cat knead you with their paws, also known as “making biscuits,” is one of the sweetest feelings in the world. Science Alert explored this topic earlier this week, and came up with a number of theories as to why cats do this. Regardless of what the real reason is, no matter how many times Allegra and Ruby do this, it melts my heart every time. Visit Science Alert to read the full article.

If you missed any of the stories featured on the Conscious Cat this week, here’s a recap: Continue reading…

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