Cats in the Kitchen


We all know that cats are wonderful household helpers. I don’t know what I’d do without Allegra and Ruby’s assistance with making the bed or doing the laundry. They are particularly helpful in the kitchen.

What both Allegra and Ruby do best is supervise me from the top of the fridge or microwave. And because these “top spots” sometimes cause minor issues, I actually put a cat tree in my kitchen! The top of the microwave in particular is coveted territory because it provides a great view of the kitchen and dining room. Before I put the cat tree in the kitchen, the girls would both access it from the ledge that separates my kitchen from my dining room, which made a perfect on ramp.


The problem was, it was also the only way to exit. This caused a problem when both of them ended up on top of the microwave at the same time. Ruby does not share space willingly. Allegra does not think it’s worth the effort to contradict her in these situations, and her only option was to jump off and all the way down to the floor if Ruby was on the side closer to the partition. It’s quite a jump, and I worried about her joints after repeatedly hitting the floor from that height.

Oh, and by the way, there’s a fleecy pad on top of the microwave. Doesn’t every kitchen have that?


Ruby likes sitting next to the coffee machine. We’re still working on me teaching her how to actually make the coffee…


Allegra is very helpful when it comes to doing the dishes.

Of course, the most frequent scene I see in the kitchen is this one:


And because I can’t resist those cute little faces, they almost always get a few treats.

Do your kitties help out in the kitchen?

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