Review: Divas Pinch Corner Lounger Bed


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If ever there was a bed more appropriate for my girls than one with the name “Divas,” I don’t what what it might be!

Pinch Corner Lounger Bed features

Styled to resemble a wrestling ring, this cozy bed features either the Divas or WWE logo. This super soft plush bed will make your kitty feel like a champ! At 19 x 16 x 6 inches, this bed is probably better suited for smaller cats (and dogs,) but I suspect even larger cats will enjoy it, especially if they like sleeping curled up. The bed is machine washable.

Our take on the Divas Pinch Dorner Lounger Bed

This bed has a very high cuteness factor. I mean, come on: leopard print! Pink! But of course, the true test is whether your cats will love it.


Within seconds of putting the bed on the floor, Allegra and Ruby went to check it out. Can you guess who ended up in it first?

But why don’t I let the girls tell you what they thought.

Allegra: Oooh, a new bed! I love soft beds!

Ruby: What does “divas” mean?

Allegra: A diva is someone who acts like the world revolves around them.

Ruby: Oh, you mean it’s another word for Ruby?

Allegra: Sighs.

Ruby: Out of my way, Allegra. This bed has my name on it.


Allegra: Yup, you’re a diva alright. Although I can think of some other terms that might describe you even more purfrectly, little one…

Ruby: Nya nya nya, I can’t hear you! (Curls up for a nap.)


Several hours later:

Allegra: Finally, she’s moved on to do some birdwatching. Ahhh, this bed is nice!


The WWE Pinch Corner Lounge Bed is available from Petmate and Amazon. For your boy kitties, or the wrestling fans among you, it’s also available in blue with the WWE logo.

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