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Most cats seem to have a fascination with sinks. Maybe it’s the cool surface. Maybe it’s the purr-fect shape. After all, most sinks are just the right size to make the ideal cat bed. Then of course, there’s the fascination with water: some cats seem to find drinking from a dripping tap simply irresistible, and hang out in the sink until their guardian will turn on the faucet.

Ruby is utterly fascinated with my bathroom. She usually sits on the vanity right next to the sink while I brush my teeth and wash my face. Occasionally, she will also sit in the sink. I’ve yet to catch Allegra in the sink, but she, too, likes to hang out in the bathroom with me. She prefers to watch from the toilet seat.

If you can’t get enough of cats in sinks, check out Buzzfeed’s gallery of 20 cats in sinks – some of the photos are hysterically funny.

A company called Little Cat Design took the concept of cats’ fascination with sinks one step further, and I think their Cat’s Contour Ceramic Cat Bed® is absolutely brilliant. Let’s face it, while most of us will do just about anything to make our cats happy, we’d probably stop short of putting an actual cat bed into a bathroom sink – not to mention putting an actual bathroom sink into our living space.

ceramic cat bed

The idea for the Cat’s Contour Ceramic Cat Bed®  was born when Buffy the Vampire Slayer a.k.a. Buffcat’s humans noticed her fascination with the bathroom sink. Buffcat was spending more time in her bathroom hideaway than with her humans, and they missed having her hang out with them, so they began experimenting with placing different types of sinks in their living room.

Buffcat was intrigued, and happily tested the various shapes and materials, but even though she was now spending time in the living room, the humans couldn’t bear to have unsightly, unfinished sinks sitting in their living space. They realized that they would have to come up with a unique design. The Cat’s Contour Ceramic Cat Bed® is the culmination of extensive human and feline research, a passion for design, and the designers’ deep love for their Buffcat. For more information about the ceramic cat bed, the complete story behind the design, and to purchase, please visit

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