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Allegra, Ruby and I are excited to announce that The Conscious Cat was voted Best Website About Cats in the 2012 Reader’s Choice awards!

There were five nominees for this category. The original criteria stated: “The ideal website should be informational, covering topics such as cat care, health, behavior, and other topics, but written in an understandable manner for the lay person. A touch of humor here and there doesn’t hurt.”

According to Franny Syufy,’s Cat Guide, “The Conscious Cat offers all that and more.”

From a reader’s nomination: “Informative without being preachy, easy to follow (very important), entertaining, engaging (inviting readers to participate and provide feedback), down-to-earth and from the heart.”

Says Syufy, “although the voting remained close throughout the entire voting period, The Conscious Cat took an early lead and coasted through easily to the end, with 44% of the vote. Well done!” Thank you Franny!

Our deepest gratitude goes out to you, our readers, who voted for us tirelessly every day for an entire month, and who spread the word about the competition far and wide. Your support means the world to us.

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20 Comments on The Conscious Cat voted Best Website About Cats

  1. CONGRATULATIONS! AND OF COURSE! I voted too 4 u. When my 23 year-old Kitty was euthanized last August 2011, I searched the internet for comfort, advice…anything. My grief was unbearable. And I found your web site immediately (no coincidences) and the topic was “GRIEF!” You talked of Buckley’s passing and your book, “Buckley’s Story.” I immediately ordered it, received it in 2 days, and right away sat down at my desk, and read the whole book in one sitting. I identified with *everything you said. Thank you Ingrid for helping me and “holding my hand” through the 1st days after My Kitty went over the Rainbow Bridge. Bless You and Gold Star !

    • Aww, thanks, Ronnie! That means so much to know that Buckley’s Story helped you heal from your loss.

  2. Ingrid, big hugs and congrats! We were truly happy Cat Wisdom 101 was just nominated in the same category as you. You work hard providing the best cat-related content with heart soul and dedication.

  3. Congratulations-You have earned it and had our vote. Thank you for all your information that you have helped me on.

  4. Congratulations, Ingrid! The Conscious Cat is a great website, and one that the Paws and Effect Gang and I enjoy reading quite a bit, too. If I had to come in second to anybody, I’m glad it was to you. 🙂

  5. Oh yes, and congrats to Ruby and Allegra too for their tireless work as your campaign coordinators! 😉

  6. IT’S OFFICIAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Conscious Cat was voted Best Website About Cats in the 2012 Reader’s Choice awards!
    Was there any doubt – NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Congrats Ingrid.

  7. Congratulations!!!
    Well deserved, this corner is a fine place I enjoy visiting
    …and you are a truly feline soul.

  8. Congratulations Ingrid! The honor is definitely well deserved!

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