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I’ve been eager to see what the Cats movie, set for release on December 20, 2019, will be like ever since I first heard about it. Eager, and a bit apprehensive. I saw the play several times, and of course, I own the sound track as well. For me, it has stood the test of time. However, Broadway to big screen doesn’t always translate well.  And then, last week, the first trailer was released.

To say I was creeped out would be putting it mildly. And I wasn’t alone. The internet collectively lost its mind over the direction the makers of the movie chose with the animation. Rather than wearing costumes and makeup, the way the actors did in the play, the characters in the movie are coated in CGI (computer-generated imagery) fur, resulting in not quite human, but not quite feline creatures.

I keep asking myself why I’m so weirded out by the trailer, when the play featured actors in cat suits with faces painted as cats. Their movements were just as cat-like as the movements of the actors in the trailer. And I never felt anything but charmed by these humans in feline costumes.

The actors in costume and makeup in the play

Then I found out that there’s actually a psychological explanation for the reactions the trailer caused in me and so many others. There’s a term in CGI, “uncanny valley,” which is used when CGI gets a little too real. It’s the unsettled feeling people experience when visual simulations closely resemble humans in many respects but are not quite convincingly realistic. The Cats movie trailer took uncanny valley to a whole new level.

After seeing the trailer, I doubt I’m going to go see the movie. I could barely finish watching the trailer, so the thought of sitting through two hours of this is more than I can handle. It’s truly a shame, because the movie version features a stellar cast, including Taylor Swift, Dame Judi Dench, Ian McKellen, and Jennifer Hudson. Swift will  play Bombalurina, Dench will play Old Deuteronomy, McKellen will be Gus the Theatre Cat, and Hudson will play Grizabella, who arguably has the best known song of the play, “Memories.”

But why don’t you see for yourself, if you haven’t already:

What do you think? Did the trailer creep you out, or did you find it intriguing? Will you go see the movie?

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23 Comments on The Cats Movie Trailer: Creepy or Intriguing?

  1. Well, I’m definitely going to see it but I doubt it will be anything close to the stage play. And I wasn’t creeped out by it.

  2. I don’t watch trailers. They’re usually annoying. I did enjoy the play in San Francisco…twice. The photos are kind of creepy, and CGI gets old quickly, but I’ll go see this. I suspect the production values will be excellent, so don’t wait until it’s on DVD or streaming. Go to a theater.

  3. I never had the privilege of seeing the play hence I’ve nothing to compare it with, so no it didn’t creep me out. It helps if you watch the video of behind the scenes that follows the trailer.

  4. i saw it on Broadway twice so i am not sure the movie could come close. we even got to go on stage and talk to the actors. it was wonderful. i might watch it because i love the music.

  5. I am really looking forward to this movie. I also love the play. I do think however that Jennifer Hudson was a little too loud.

  6. I’m mixed. I saw the play numerous times, also have the soundtrack…….I can see why you are “creeped out” (it looks like many of the cats don’t have fur lol or the fur is strange). What bothers me even more is I LOVE the song “Memories” and I NORMALLY (the operative word being “normally”) love Jennifer Hudson. I first saw this trailer on TV, (and today is the second time I am seeing it) and both times I absolutely LOATHE how she is literally SCREAMING instead of singing that gorgeous song. That bothers me far more than the cats on the trailer. I do like Rebel Wilson, I know Taylor Swift is a huge cat fanatic and I hope to still like Jennifer Hudson lol………….I probably will see it because I am more intrigued than I am creeped out but will cover my ears during my favorite song 🙁

  7. I enjoyed the play, many years ago. I wasn’t creeped out by the trailer, but don’t know that I’ll see the movie. It’s something else, all the digital “sets” too unreal.

  8. It didn’t creep me out, but I didn’t like it at all. I’ll see the movie because, well, it’s Cats, and I love the music, but I think they went the wrong way. Especially since there’s is so much awesome dancers in the play … none of these actors are dancers!

  9. I will definitely see this movie when comes out in DVD. I didn’t find it creepy at all the costumes were amazing and the grace of the actors was bewitching. I never had a chance to see the play for which I am grateful; I have nothing to compare it to!!! I purchased the musical CD when it came out just for ” MEMORIES”.

  10. The movie trailer is so beautiful & makes the characters come to life so much more than the play did, for me anyways. I love the blend of face with hair & whiskers! At least I know these “cats” won’t be in the audience taunting me!! LOL

  11. The trailer didn’t creep me out at all. I enjoyed the grace of the actors and the singing and felt the “makeup” was rather charming. (And personally, I think the song “Memories” is one of the most beautifully evocative songs of all time.)

  12. I totally enjoyed the play and I will absolutely go see the movie! Personally, I can’t understand all the uproar about this.

  13. I’ll definitely go see the movie. I’m a fan of the Broadway musical and think I’ve seen it 3 or 4 times over the years. The all-star cast certainly will be worth seeing and so happy to see Jennifer Hudson in another mega movie musical! The animation is a little odd, but I wasn’t creeped out. There’s always a huge risk in taking a Broadway hit musical & adapting it for big screen. And mostly because fans of the musical are used to seeing it one way & filmmakers invariably make it larger, bigger, flashier and, well….different. This one could be amazing or it could fall flat. We’ll see. But I’m going and I’m excited about it!!

  14. I loved the play and feel this is the best way to see Cats and be involved in the story. I do want to see the movie to get the other perspective, plus there are some great actors and singers participating in this version.

  15. I absolutely adore my REAL kitties, but I know I could not watch this movie for the same reason I had no interest in the play – boring! Just not my cup of tea. However, I do admire the talent and the creativity that went into making it.

  16. I admit being a bit creeped out too, but I will still watch the movie. I have always wanted to see the play, but I don’t have anyone to see plays with. My husband isn’t interested in musicals and I don’t have friends to do things with. So, the movie is the only option I have to know what Cats is all about.

  17. I saw the play and I will see the movie. I don’t think it was that creepy. That song though Memories always makes me tear up. Excellent play.

  18. I was BOTH intrigued and creeped out, but by the second or third time I watched the trailer a couple weeks ago, the creep factor had reduced and the intrigue factor had increased considerably. Now I’m kind of excited about it almost in a comical way… like, it seems like such an odd combination of drama and ridiculous, in a way that might actually work once people get used to the look of it.

  19. I would totally watch the movie. I didn’t see the play so I don’t have a comparative point of view.

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