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Now that most of us are spending more time at home, it’s more important than ever to address smelly problems quickly and effectively. Whether it’s stinky litter boxes, vomit stains or smells, male cat spray (inside or outside), or any other organic odor, has a solution for you.


Anti-Icky-Poo Odor Remover

Their flagship odor removal product, Anti-Icky-Poo is highly effective. I’ve been a big fan of this product for decades. I first recommended Anti-Icky-Poo to my clients at the veterinary practice I managed in the 1990’s. Even though a lot of other stain and odor products have come out since then, Anti-Icky-Poo is still one of my go to products for stain and odor removal.

Anti-Icky-Poo uses a combination of enzymes and bacteria that break down and consume any decaying organic materials, including urine, feces, vomit, sweat, skunk, sour milk, rotten vegetables and much more.  Anti-Icky-Poo works effectively without damage to any surface materials including carpet, hardwood, softwoods, tile, plastic, fabric, drywall, leather etc.  There is no rubbing or scrubbing.  Just spray and walk away.

Anti-Icky-Poo is a permanent solution to odor problems. Odors will not return after proper treatment. Anti-Icky-Poo also offers a stain removal product which easily knocks out pet stains such as cat vomit with ease.


Almost Invisible Cat Litter

Also available at is Almost Invisible Cat Litter. This unique, sand-like, high density amorphous silica gel that neutralizes the smell of urine in under 30 seconds and evaporates much of the liquid, keeping your litter box dry at all times. Without moisture, bacteria will not form and the litter box stays totally odor free far longer than any other litter product. With only 1” to 1.5” of litter in your litter box, you can expect to be totally odor free for 3 to 4 weeks depending on the size of your cat. Just scoop solids and thoroughly stir the litter at least once a day. Even solids that are not buried will be quickly dried out to the point that they cannot be smelled also, even at close range.


“We have had an incredible surge in sales during this #StayHome period as people have used their increased home time to finally address pet odor problems that have been neglected” said Almost Invisible’s Cat Litter’s Company President, StovePipe The Traveling Cat through his translator, driver, and personal butler, Eric Grushkin.  “Our customers are telling us that pet odor issues in their homes have gone from annoying to critical with the recent increase in their at home time.  I encourage everyone with a cat odor problem to try the products at I guarantee that we have the solutions to any odor problems and you will feel like it really is springtime” added Mr. StovePipeCat.


In addition to Anti-Icky-Poo and Almost Invisible Cat Litter, you can purchase stainless steel “Sift-Free” litter scoops,  biodegradable t-shirt bags for pet waste, and other products that will create an awesome and odor free environment for you and your pets.

To see all of their products and to purchase, visit http://www.AntiIckyPoo.Com Their products are also available from Amazon, HomeDepot.Com and

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  1. Love, love, love Anti-Icky Poo and Almost Invisible Cat Litter. Superior products that help keep the home cat area odor free! I’ve even used AIP on a bush outdoors that a feral cat used to mark every night. After using it on the bush one night, I reviewed my camera the next morning. There I saw that the cat walked up, smelled the bush, then ignored and walked away! I always use in my litter boxes after cleaning and let AIP dry (never wash it off). And the litter literally masks odors do you will swear there are no cats in your home! You will love these products. ❤️

  2. It’s important to support small businesses right now, of which this is one. I’ve used their litter for a couple of years, and before the quarantine, it was my human’s favorite litter to take on the road with me because it’s so lightweight and scent-free. But she likes using it at home too, for the same reasons.

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