Purrs of Wisdom

Purrs of Wisdom: Your Reviews Are Appreciated!


Yes, I am shamelessly exploiting Ruby’s cuteness to ask you to take a few minutes to post a review of Purrs of Wisdom: Enlightenment, Feline Style on Amazon. I mean, who could resist that face, right?

Seriously, though – if you enjoyed my book, I truly would appreciate it if you would take the time to share your thoughts about my book on Amazon. Amazon reviews really help sell a book. They not only give potential buyers confidence when deciding whether to buy, they also help the book rank higher on Amazon, which, in turn, means that more people will see it via Amazon’s “you might also like” or “customers who bought this also bought” suggestions.Continue Reading

Sunday Purrs of Wisdom: Support Charities that Don’t Test on Animals

animal testing

Conscious choices make a difference. Despite arguments that animal testing is a necessary part of medical research, and that finding a cure for human diseases outweighs the suffering this research causes to innocent animals, scientists are increasingly seeing that the results of animal experiments are not directly applicable to humans.

I won’t give to charities that support animal testing, and always check before making any type of donation.Continue Reading

Sunday Purrs of Wisdom: How to Be Content


When I think about what contentment looks like, I think of a purring cat. If there’s anything that illustrates happiness better, I don’t know what that would be. And it doesn’t take much for cats to be content: a sunny spot on the floor, a full tummy, a lap to curl up on – those are the ingredients for contentment when you’re a cat.

Why is it so hard for humans to reach that same state of contentment?Continue Reading

Sunday Purrs of Wisdom: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall


I believe that every single person in your life is your mirror to some extent. Others reflect back aspects of our own consciousness to us, giving us an opportunity to see ourselves in a different light, and ultimately, to grow. Sometimes, that reflection may come from someone we admire. Other times, it may come from someone who aggravates us and pushes all our buttons.

And just like humans, cats can also be a mirror for us. Continue Reading

Conscious Cat Sunday: The Importance of Self Care


Most of us know how important self-care is to our physical, emotional and mental health. Then why are so few of us good at actually doing it (unless we’re a cat?)

Is it because we’re conditioned to think that it’s selfish to put ourselves first? The reality is that unless you make taking care of yourself a priority, you won’t have anything left to give to those around you. It’s like the oxygen mask on an airplane analogy: you’re supposed to put your own mask on before you help others.Continue Reading

Sunday Purrs of Wisdom: Stretch Your Body, Stretch Your Mind


I’m delighted to introduce a new Sunday feature today: Sunday Purrs of Wisdom. We’ll be featuring photos of beautiful kitties, sometimes Allegra (above) and Ruby, sometimes others, paired with quotes.

Quotations resonate with us because they can express the essence of a subject with a few, well-chosen words. When paired with an image, they can touch an even deeper part of us. Quotes can make us look at life from a different perspective. They can teach us something new. And sometimes, they can even make us smile.Continue Reading

Purrs of Wisdom: Enlightenment, Feline Style Now Shipping from Amazon


What are the odds that both of my new books started shipping from Amazon prior to their official publication date! Tortitude: The BIG Book of Cats With a BIG Attitude was supposed to be released February 5, but Amazon started shipping the books on December 26. Purrs of Wisdom: Enlightenment, Feline Style was supposed to be released on June 5, but Amazon started shipping copies on Friday!

If you pre-ordered Purrs of Wisdom, you should receive your copy any day now. If you haven’t ordered your copy yet, you can order the book now! The Kindle version of the book will be available shortly.

Purrs of Wisdom: Enlightenment Feline Style is also shipping from Barnes and Noble. The book will be in stores June 5.

In Purrs of Wisdom: Enlightenment, Feline Style, I explore our relationships with cats by offering insights into how cats can inspire, soothe and even help heal us. Based on the Conscious Cat Sunday column on this site, Purrs of Wisdom celebrates all our relationships, feline, human or otherwise. This beautifully designed book will also feature lots of gorgeous cat photos.Continue Reading