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Review: The Karma of Cats: Spiritual Wisdom from Our Feline Friends


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Not surprisingly, as the author of two volumes of Purrs of Wisdom that are all about what we can learn from our cats, The Karma of Cats: Spiritual Wisdom from Our Feline Friends “had me at hello.” I knew I would love this book before I even turned the first page, and I wasn’t disappointed.Continue Reading

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Yogi Cats by Paige Hodges Book Review


I’m pretty sure cats are the original yoga masters. After all, who better to show us the importance of meditating, and keeping our mind and body flexible and strong? Yogi Cats explores the connection between yoga and cats with a combination of practical advice, quotes by famous yoga practitioners, and a healthy dose of feline wisdom. Accompanied by whimsical illustrations, this little book is a treasure.Continue Reading

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What is Purring? Facts & Cat’s Experience

white cat purring

Purring is usually considered a sign of contentment, but there’s more to a cat’s purr than meets the ear.

While there are a number of different theories of how cats purr, the consensus among researchers seems to be that purring is the result of signals from the brain to the laryngeal and diaphragmatic muscles. Cats purr during both inhalation and exhalation with a consistent pattern and frequency between 25 and 150 Hertz.

Even though cats do purr when they’re content, purring can also be a sign of stress. Cats also purr when frightened or injured. In these situations, purring appears to function as a self-soothing mechanism.

Researchers at Fauna Communications found that the frequency of a cat’s purr covers the same frequencies that are therapeutic for bone growth and fracture healing, pain relief, reduction of swelling, wound healing, muscle growth and repair, tendon repair, and mobility of joints. It seems that with the purr, nature provided cats Continue Reading

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