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Allegra’s World: Nursing Mom


It has been said that cats have healing powers, and I’m proof that it’s true! I took care of Mom last week when she was sick. Mom said I was a very good nurse, and that what I did was very sweet. I didn’t think what I did was so special. I was worried about Mom, and I wanted to help her. It’s what we cats do.

I knew something was wrong when Mom didn’t get up at her usual time. She’s always on time with our breakfast, so I was getting worried when she was still laying in bed half an hour after she usually feeds us. When she finally got up, she moved very slowly, and her voice sounded funny – kind of scratchy and hoarse, not at all like what she usually sounds like. But at least she was finally up! Whew!Continue Reading

Nursing Care for Your Cat


When your cat is recovering from a serious illness, surgery or an accident, she may require extended nursing care when she returns from the veterinary hospital. Providing nursing care can seem overwhelming, but most cats will recover more quickly if they’re at home in their familiar environment with the person they love.

The following tips can help take the stress out of caring for your cat after an illness or accident.

Provide a safe and quiet place for her to recuperate

Your cat’s personality, and the severity of the illness, will determine the right approach. If your cat seems to do better if she can access all her familiar places, than by all means, let her do so. But if she seems to want to just stay in one place, make the area as comfortable as you can for her. Provide plenty of blankets and soft bedding, and make sure that she has easy access to a litter box and fresh water.

Encourage your cat to eat

Try using flat dishes or paper plates.Continue Reading