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Meow Woof Fest: A MEOWvelous and BARKingly Good Time for the Whole Family


I’m excited to announce that I’m going to be part of the Meow Woof Fest in Fredericksburg, VA on October 17. This celebration of cats and dogs is the brainchild of Bob Walker, one of the pioneers of the concept of “catification.” Bob and his wife Frances Mooney transformed their San Diego home into The Cat’s House by creating brightly painted ramps, stairs and cat walks throughout the entire house.Continue Reading

LA Feline Film Festival: Cat Videos, Celebrity Cats, and More


Admit it: you love watching cat videos. They’re always good for an instant “awww” or a laugh, and they just make you feel good. If you think watching cat videos on your computer is fun, just think how much more fun you could have if you were to watch them on a big screen, with thousands of fellow cat lovers?

Internet cat video festivals have made this possible, and the Los Angeles Feline Film Festival is your next opportunity to attend one of these super fun gatherings. Continue Reading

Your Cat Could Be a Video Star and Win $25,000


Cat videos are hot. Last year, more than 10,000 people gathered at the first annual Internet Cat Video Film Festival in Minnesota, and the Walker Center, which is sponsoring the event again this year, is hoping to repeat or exceed those numbers.

Does your cat have what it takes to be an internet video star? If you think your talented feline should be famous, you can submit your video in the Friskies Video Contest for a chance to win $25,000 in cash prizes! The contest also benefits rescue and shelter cats across the country. Friskies is donating more than 250,000 cans of cat food to 20 partner animal rescue organizations. Each organization will receive a minimum of 7,500 cans and will have the opportunity to increase this donation (up to an additional 10,000 cans per charity) based on their overall participation.Continue Reading