feline communication

Meowsic: Study Seeks to Understand Human-Cat Communication By Analyzing Cat Sounds


A fascinating new Swedish research project is looking at gaining a better understanding of human-cat communications by analyzing how voice, melody (intonation) and speaking style – in human speech as well as in cat vocalizations – influence the communication between cats and humans.Continue Reading

How to Tell Your Cat I Love You


I bet we all tell our cats we love them a thousand times a day. We tell them with words, we tell them with touch, and we tell them by taking care of them and keeping them happy and safe.

Allegra doesn’t like to be picked up, so I tell her I love her by kissing her nose (she kisses back!) and by gently petting her for short periods of time. Ruby, on the other hand, loves to be held, so I can snuggle her to my heart’s content, and she reciprocates by rubbing her face against mine.Continue Reading

Do cats have the right to free speech?


Guest post by David Grimm

Carl Miles credited his psychic ability with his decision to adopt a jet black cat one day in 1975. Unemployed in his mid 20’s, and staying at a Columbia, South Carolina rooming house, he initially said no when a girl cradling a box of three kittens came to the porch, asking if he wanted one. Then a premonition struck. As a boy, Miles claimed he could see things before they happened—things people were about to say, or about to do. He had that feeling again on the porch. “As she was walking away, something told me in my mind, ‘Take the black cat’,” he later told The Charlotte Observer. “And I called her back.”

One afternoon, when the kitten—now named Blackie—was about five months old, Miles had him on his lap, playing with him and talking to him. A premonition struck again. A voice inside his head said, “The cat is trying to talk to you.” At that moment, Miles resolved to teach Blackie to speak. He spent the next year and a half taping the noises the kitten made, and he’d play him back the ones that sounded most like English. By his second birthday, Blackie was able to say “I love you” and “I want my momma.” The cat was ready for prime time.

Miles and his wife paraded Blackie down the streets of Columbia, the cat in a harness and draped over the man’s shoulder.Continue Reading

Feline Body Language

Abyssynian cat

Learning how to read feline body language is one of the best ways to understand your cat. Even though cats express themselves vocally, they primarily use their face, tail and body to communicate with each other and with the humans in their lives.

Watching a cat’s eyes, ears and tail can speak volumes about what the cat is trying to tell humans or other cats.


A cat’s eyes can give you many clues about her emotional and mental state. Wide open eyes are an indication of trust. Eyes that stare without blinking can be an attempt at dominance. A slit-eyed look can be a sign of aggression or fear. This is different from the sleepy-eyed look, when a cat appears to blink at you, which is generally thought to be a sign of affection.Continue Reading