An Important Message to Our Facebook Fans

Facebook timeline cover

Those of you who follow us on Facebook know that we have a very active Facebook page. I update the page several times a day and try to find the most relevant, entertaining and fun information for you from around the web. I share articles from other sites, as well as adorable cat photos, cat humor, and what has become the most popular feature on the page, our daily “good night Facebook” photo.

Our community of cat lovers on Facebook is over 20,000. So why is it that only a few of you actually see all of the updates I post on the page? Continue Reading

10,000 Facebook “Likes”

10,000 Facebook likes

The Conscious Cat passed another milestone today – our Facebook page now has more than 10,000 “likes!”

I spend a lot of time keeping our Facebook page interesting, fun and engaging, and the number of “likes” (what used to be called “fans” in the early days of Facebook pages) is a wonderful affirmation that all of you appreciate the effort. It’s fascinating to me how the term “like” has become such an integral part of the online experience. I often find myself looking for the “like” button on pages that have nothing to do with Facebook.

Do these numbers matter? They do to me. Continue Reading