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Review: He Loves Me! He Truly Loves Me!

Review: Luis and Tabitha


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I love when publishers or authors send me children’s books. I wouldn’t think to look at them in a bookstore, but I’m finding that for a few minutes, they bring back a sense of fun and a lightness of being that tends to be in short supply in our “serious” adult lives.Continue Reading

Review: Hello, My Name is Bunny!


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I met the authors of Hello, My Name is Bunny! at Cat Camp NYC last month. I was charmed by the book’s cover and the interior illustrations at first glance. Of course, anything that combines two of my favorite things, cats and New York City, is going to get my attention, and the fact that Matt and Shelley were not only delightful people, but clearly passionate about their project, really made me look forward to reading this book.Continue Reading

Review: A Thousand Purring Cats


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A Thousand Purring Cats: is this not the best book title ever? Imagine how amazing that would sound! And imagine how amazing you would feel if you could hear a thousand cats purring!

A Thousand Purring Cats is a beautifully illustrated children’s book that embraces the healing power of positive relationships. It’s a book about emotional healing and compassion. Continue Reading

Review: A Cat Named Swan


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I’ve often thought that the old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” is especially true for a well-illustrated childrens’ book. Some artists just seem to have a way of capturing deep emotions, and Holly Hobbie does it masterfully in A Cat Named Swan.

Aimed at ages 3 to 7, this book chronicles the story of a rescue kitten’s adoption and the transformative joy he brings to his family.Continue Reading

Review: Sal Everybody’s Pal: Sal Finds a Forever Home


Soul cats come into our lives in all sorts of different ways. Diana Alvear found hers at an animal shelter. Salvatore Valentino Alvear was a special needs kitty: he had a heart murmur and was hyperthyroid. He was quite the social cat, charming both cat and non-cat people. He was Diana’s best friend, and when he passed over, she wanted to create a legacy in his memory, so she wrote Sal Everybody’s Pal: Sal Finds a Forever Home, a beautifully illustrated childrens’ book.Continue Reading