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Pet Smoochies Catnip Stickers


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I’ve seen a lot of different uses for catnip, but catnip stickers were new to me – and what a clever idea they are! Pet Smoochies Catnip Stickers can be stuck on anything: toys, cat furniture, scratching posts. They can freshen up an old favorite toy, or turn a toy your cat has shown no interest in into a new favorite.Continue Reading

Why Do Cats Like Catnip?


Catnip is a member of the mint family. Scientists are not sure how or why catnip affects cats the way it does, but they have identified the part of the plant that causes the euphoric reaction. The substance is a non-poisonous chemical called nepetalactone, an aromatic oil found in the stem and leaves of the plant. Researchers believe that cats react to the smell of the leaves rather than the taste.

Varied reactions to catnip

Reactions from cats will vary based on the strength and quality of the product. Cats who do respond to catnip will typically roll around in it, jump and run around, rub their faces in it, drool, and purr. Typically, a catnip “high” last about ten or fifteen minutes. Once the energy dissipates, most cats will be very relaxed and ready for a nap.

Not all cats react to catnip

Only about 50% of cats are affected by catnip, and not all cats react the same. Whether or not cats respond to catnip appears to be genetically determined. Kittens are not affected until they’re about two months old (if they fall into the category of cats that do respond). If a kitten hasn’t shown a reaction to catnip by the time she’s six month’s old, she falls into the non-responsive category.

Catnip can be used to train cats

For cats who do respond, you can take advantage of their reaction to catnip and use it for training purposes. Sprinkle catnip on scratching posts to attract them to use the post, or on cat beds or mats where you want your cat to sleep. If your cat reacts by becoming relaxed and mellow after use, use it before car rides, trips to the vet, or other stressful situations.

Some cats react with aggression

Some cats become so stimulated by the herb that they may release their excess energy by picking fights with other cats in the household, or by attacking their humans.

You can freshen up old catnip toys by dampening them with water. This will release a new wave of catnip scent.

Quality of catnip

When buying catnip, take a close look at the packaging. You’re going to want brands that use only leaves and blossoms rather than stems. Organic cat nip is best, especially if your cat is going to ingest it. Catnip is easily grown, but use caution: unless you want every cat in your neighborhood to visit your yard, you may want to grow it indoors.

If your cat initially doesn’t react to catnip, try a couple of different brands. Your cat may not react because the quality of the catnip is not very good.

Catnip comes in a variety of forms, including as a fresh or dried herb, liquid, spray, and, of course, in catnip filled toys.

The euphoric reaction to catnip is perfectly safe for cats, and cats won’t become addicted to it.

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Barn Yarn Hand Knit Catnip Toys


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When it comes to cat toys, it’s often the simplest toys that end up being favorites. Our wonderful cat sitter Renée gave Allegra and Ruby two Barn Yarn cat toys for Christmas, and they’ve been a huge hit with both girls. I’ve seen them play with their cow or lamb every single day since they got them.Continue Reading

Spoil Your Valentine Kitty With Felted Catnip Hearts


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We’ve previously featured these Felted Heart Catnip Toys from Show Me a Little Sign, and chose them as one of our Top 10 Products of 2017. Handmade in California from 100% wool and stuffed with organic catnip, generously sized at 2 by 2 inches, these colorful hearts will delight your kitty. And just in time for Valentine’s Day, Chery is offering these awesome toys in a three-pack in Valentine’s colors.Continue Reading

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