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Remember Me Thursday® Contest: Enter your Rescue Cat’s Story and Win Food and Money for Your Favorite Shelter or Rescue


Created by the Helen Woodward Animal Center, Remember Me Thursday®, which is observed on September 24, has touched over 1 billion people across the world by advocating for pet adoption. The organization’s annual Remember Me Thursday® contest gives back to the organizations who perform life-saving work every single day.Continue Reading

The Lanai Cat Sanctuary: Combining Nature and Nurture


Guest post by Casey Hersch

Imagine a place where you are surrounded by hundreds of cats of different colors, breeds, personalities, and ages. A place where they are free to roam in their natural habitat while receiving medical care, food, and an abundance of love. Now imagine all of this while you are vacationing in one of the most popular destinations in the world: Maui. Yep. This place is real. I found it while vacationing this year.Continue Reading

How to Help Animals Affected by the California Wildfires


I really hope and pray that soon there will come a time where there won’t be a need for these types of posts – they’ve been coming much too frequently over this last month with back to back disasters on both coasts. On Sunday, I wrote about how to decide where to donate when there’s so much need everywhere, and I promised you a round up of organizations who are helping animals affected by the California wildfires.Continue Reading

How You Can Help Pets Affected by Hurricane Harvey


It’s impossible for me to wrap my mind around the devastation in Texas following hurricane Harvey. To think about what the people and the animals in the flooded and destroyed areas are going through just breaks my heart. The one bright spot in all of this, to me, has been to see the many images of pets being rescued – a marked difference from what we watched twelve years ago after hurricane Katrina.

Animal rescue groups from all over the country have mobilized to help the animals affected by the storm,Continue Reading

The Cat Rescuers Documentary: Saving Lives and Raising Awareness About Feral Cats


This post is sponsored by The Cat Rescuers

When filmmaker Steven Lawrence and his wife Helen moved into a new house in Brooklyn, they were very surprised to learn that a colony of 40 feral cats lived in their backyard. Well-meaning neighbors had been feeding the cats, unknowingly contributing to a population explosion. Steve and Helen couldn’t just turn a blind eye to the situation. After doing some research, they discovered that there is an entire community of cat rescuers in Brooklyn. They also realized that street cats were a city-wide problem.Continue Reading

Cuba, a Canadian Vet, and One Very Lucky Orange Tabby


Guest post by Dr. Kristopher Chandroo

I stopped reading the news two years ago. Because one of the first things I would do while still in bed in the morning was to watch the headlines. But as the morning continued, the negativity that is modern news was like a cloud. If my daughter and the early morning rays of a new rising sun wasn’t enough to shake all the problems of the world off, then the news had to go.

So now when I hear about important things, it’s through a family member, people I work with and friends.

Like when my dad called me to tell me about this orange tabby.Continue Reading