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Review: Cheerble Board Game


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A board game for cats? Yes, please! The Cheerble Board Game is a clever 3-in-1 interactive toy for cats. Featuring a sturdy scratching pad, a puzzle toy, and a “smart” ball, this toy will bring hours of fun for your cats and for you. Continue Reading

Cat-Opoly: All the Fun of Monopoly, Only Better


I haven’t played board games in a long time, but when I came across Cat-Opoly, I decided it’s time to put together a game night with friends! I loved playing Monopoly as a child. I’m not all that competitive in general, but I remember never being really happy with a game unless I had hotels on Boardwalk and Park Place. And for some reason, I also always wanted to own all four railroad stations.Continue Reading

Help Lil BUB Get Her Own Video Game


I’m still glowing from my meeting with Lil BUB at CatConLA last Saturday. This tiny little cat has a magical energy that comes through even on photos and videos, but it’s almost impossible to put into words just how special this little girl is when you meet her in person. I also had a chance to chat with her “dude,” Mike Bridavsky, for a few minutes. One of the things we talked about was the Kickstarter campaign for the new video game, HELLO EARTH, that Mike launched on BUB’s 5th birthday.Continue Reading

Allegra, Ruby and the iPad


I had been considering getting an iPad for quite some time, and a couple of weeks ago, I finally took the plunge. The iPad is my first Apple device, and I like almost everything about it. I use it for various aspects of my business, and it has made my life easier – and isn’t that what technology is ultimately all about? And yes, I admit it: it’s also just plain fun.

What I didn’t expect is that Allegra and Ruby would also enjoy it. But why don’t I let them tell you about it.

Ruby: What is that flat thing that Mom keeps staring at, Allegra?

Allegra: I don’t know, Ruby. Looks likeContinue Reading