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K&H Pet Products Heated Bed


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Cats have a natural affinity for warm spaces, so it’s  not surprising that heated cat beds tend to be a favorite for many. They are especially nice for senior cats, cats with arthritis, or cats who are recovering from illness or surgery.Continue Reading

Review: Hepper Nest Bed


Allegra is always up for reviewing a new bed. Even though she sleeps with me on my bed at night, she likes having multiple cat beds scattered around the house for a variety of napping spots. She was ready to put the Hepper Nest Bed to the test!Continue Reading

Sleeping Bags for Your Cat


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Leave it to Triple T Studios to come up with a novel and super adorable cat bed idea! Their new cat sleeping bags let your cat sleep tucked inside or on top of the soft bed. They even come with a cute matching pillow!Continue Reading

Review: Puff Luxury Cat Bed from Tuft + Paw


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I love seeing more and more cat product companies taking into account that their products do not just have to please cats, they also have to make the human happy. Because let’s face it, if you relegate that ugly piece of cat furniture into a part of your home that you rarely use, chances are your cat isn’t going to use it, either.Continue Reading

Review: FAT CAT Lappy Toppy Cat Mat


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Even though I have a laptop, I primarily use it for travel and prefer using my desktop for work. I’m pretty sure Allegra feels shortchanged because of this. After all, she frequently sees photos of other cats sitting or sleeping on laptop keyboards! But now, thanks to the FAT CAT® Lappy Toppy, she has her very own laptop!Continue Reading

Club Nine Orthopedic Cat Loungers and Beds


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Your home is a place for self-expression, a place where every item tells a story, and a place where you’re free to express every aspect of your personality and unique style. We believe your cat’s lounger shouldn’t be an exception, after all, our cats are a significant part of who we are.Continue Reading

SmartyKat Happy Hammock


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I came across this kitty hammock the other day, and I like the simplicity of this idea as well as the execution, so I wanted to share it with you.

The SmartyKat Happy Hammock can be hung under chairs and side tablesContinue Reading

Review: Cat Ear Cotton Rope Bed


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Our friends at Triple T Studios find some of the cutest products, and their new Cat Ear Cotton Rope Bed is no exception! Made from sturdy cotton, this adorable bed will hold up well even if the bed is used as a scratcher. Continue Reading

Review: Soho Round Memory Foam Cat Bed


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Allegra is always intrigued when we get a new cat bed for review, but the true test, as most of us know, is whether the  novelty will wear off quickly, or whether the bed is a keeper. I can usually predict what she will like, and I was pretty sure she would love this memory foam bed from Pet Craft Supply.Continue Reading

Our Favorite Petmate Cat Beds


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Cat bed preferences are as individual as each cat. Some cats have one favorite that never changes. Some cats change favorite beds with the season. Allegra tends to like beds that allow her to stretch out, while Ruby loved to curl up in a little donut shape. Today, I’m rounding up a selection of beds from Petmate that have either been favorites at our house, or have been on Allegra’s wish list for some time.Continue Reading