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Have you ever had something for so long, you simply can’t imagine being without it, and when it finally breaks on you, it’s like losing a dear friend? That’s how I felt about the slicker brush I’ve had since I got my very first cat, Feebee, in 1984.

All of my cats have loved this brush. It was awesome at getting hair out, and they all seemed to love the pretty strong massage action it provided. Allegra in particular went nuts for this brush. She knows that it’s “brushie time” when I get up to go the kitchen to make my lunch. As soon as I pick up the brush, she comes to me dancing and chirping. She rubs her face against the brush over and over, and then blissfully rolls around as I brush her.

Well, a couple of weeks ago,  the brush started to look like this:


And it only got worse from there. It was time to get a new slicker brush.

I didn’t realize how hard it was going to be to find a slicker brush without coated tips. The first one I ordered sounded great from almost 400 reviews with an average rating of 4.5. It didn’t look like it had coated tips (and the description didn’t mention them, either.) Well, it did. And it was completely useless. I moved on to this one, which did not have coated tips, but I should have paid attention to the word “curved.” While the brush worked great in terms of getting hair out, the curve made it awkward to use, and virtually impossible to clean the hair out of the brush.


Then I found the one shown above, and it is fantastic. While it’s a little larger than I’d like, it doesn’t have coated tips, it’s flat, and the hair release mechanism is brilliant. Bonus: it’s purple.

And best of all, Allegra loves it, too.

The Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush is available from Amazon.

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6 Comments on Swan Song For a Slicker Brush

  1. Now I have the Hertzko brush. I love that I only have to push a button to clean the hair out! It’s impossible with others to get all the hair out — more of a chore than brushing the cat. Sadly, Bennie doesn’t really enjoy being bushed with this. But she tolerates it, so we’ll soldier on. She sheds a LOT, tho she’s short haired. She sheds a lot of very fine white hairs which stick everywhere, including on my face at night. I’m hoping she’ll get used to this brush, maybe even decide it’s not unpleasant.

    • Surprise! My younger cat, Rosie, has never let me brush her before. She doesn’t shed much, but she is longish haired and looks better if I can get off messy looking balls of dead hair. She lets me brush her with this!! She’s been with me for 6 years (rescued from the shelter when she was 2) and has never let me give her a full body brushing before. This is a miracle brush.

  2. Huh. I try not to buy from Amazon if I can get it elsewhere. My usual source for cat supplies is Your readers have bought all these brushes — none left!
    I’ll try another day. (Or week.)

  3. I have that brush and love the little button that helps remove the hair. Kiki and Lulu don’t really care to be brushed. Luckily they have short hair. But Pele has long hair and this is the brush I use on her. She loves to be brushed.

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