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Do you have a slow eater who prefers to eat her meal over a period of several hours rather than inhale it all at once? Would you like to be able to leave canned food out for your cats while you’re not home? With the new Sealed Pet Bowl from SureFeed, you can.

The bowl features a motion-activated lid. Unlike SureFeeds Microchip Feeder, which is designed to solve feeding problems in multi-cat homes, this feeder does not require a microchip or collar tag to operate it. The feeder is powered by 4 C cell batteries (not included.) It keeps food moist for more than 12 hours.*


This feeder is an ideal solution for single-pet homes or those that do not require separate food bowls.  Benefits include:

• Stops flies landing on cat food
• Saves money on cat food as there is less waste
• Reduces cat food smells in the home
• Gives cats access to fresher food that they can graze on throughout the day
• Convenient for cat owners who are out of the house for long periods
• Battery powered – requires 4 C cell batteries (not included)


I really like this feeder. If you’ve read this site for any length of time, you know that I don’t recommend any dry food for cats, and I often get push back from cat parents who want to do the right thing for their cats, but feel bad  about not leaving at least some food out for their cats to graze on during the day. Now there’s no more excuse to not eliminate all dry food!

I also like the shallow design, which helps prevent whisker stress.

Please note that this feeder is not refrigerated, and while I’ve found that it’s perfectly safe to leave canned food out for several hours, I do not recommend using this feeder for raw food. Raw food can safely be left out for up to two hours, so if you have a slow eater, this feeder will still work well for you. Just discard any remaining raw food after two hours.

For more information about The SureFeed Sealed Pet Bowl and to purchase, please visit the SureFlap website.

*Independent tests carried out in SureFeed products on 3 top selling cat foods showed that the bowl stops 99.8% of moisture lost from the food for 12+ hours. All foods were tested in the same conditions at a constant 68°F/20°C.

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