A recent article in the German publication DW Akademie explored some fascinating aspects of the history between cats and humans. And while I don’t think we need scientifc studies to confirm that our cats do indeed bond with us, I still find it interesting when science confirms what we cat parents observe over a lifetime of sharing our lives with cats.

From studies about emotional attachment between cats and humans to the evolutional origins of cats’ reputation of being independent loners, scientists have looked for explanations of feline behaviors that often seem mysterious to humans.

I believe that the real value of all of these studies lies in a better understanding of our feline companions. By never losing sight of the fact that our cats are at heart still only a whisker away from their wild nature, and by incorporating that understanding into our daily lives with them, we will have happier cats and happier relationships between cat and human.

Click here to read “Cats Are Neither Mean Nor Cruel” on DW Akademie.

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