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I’ve been a fan of the Catit line of cat products for a long time. The folks at Catit really know what cats like, and how to keep them engaged and challenged. This holiday season, they’ve bundled a couple of their most popular items into two-holiday bundles that let your cats exercise their hunt-catch-eat instincts!

Senses 2.0 Hunter Value Bundle


This bundle includes the Senses 2.0 Foodtree, Super Circuit and Fireball. All three components will stimulate your cat to fully indulge her hunting instinct. The Foodtree is a super-creative food puzzle (since I don’t recommend dry food, I recommend using freeze-dried meat treats.) The Super Circuit comes with a ball, but you can also add other small toys and treats to make it even more fun for your cats. The Fireball is a motion-activated ball that lights up when it moves.


This photo shows Ruby with the Super Circuit, which we previously reviewed as part of Catit’s Oasis. The Wellness Center to Ruby’s left is sold separately.

Catit Diner Value Bundle


This bundle includes the adorable Flower Fountain with a two pack of triple action filters and the Multi Feeder.


The Flower Fountain offers a compact and simple drinking solution, featuring three different flow settings for picky drinkers.


The well-designed Multi Feeder can be used for wet and dry food. Since I don’t recommend dry food, I would fill the portion that is designed to allow your cat to fish out dry food with single-ingredient freeze-dried treats. The feeder is designed to avoid whisker stress – yet another testament to how well Catit knows cats.

Purchase information

Catit Senses 2.0 Hunter Value Bundle $44.98

Catit Diner Value Bundle $39.98


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