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When you share your life with cats, cat hair is a fact of life, and you pretty much have two options: you give in to the inevitability of it, or you keep trying to find different solutions.

Simple Solution has launched a new system of products to make pet hair clean up easier. The system is made of up three products.


The Twin-Head Sweeper has dual heads designed to lay flat and cover two times more surface area than conventional sweepers. One of the dual heads is moveable and flips up to lock at a 90 degree angle for easy cleaning of hard-to-reach baseboards. It is used with FurLock pads that have specially-designed “fingers” designed to grab and trap pet hair from surfaces, corners and crevices. In addition, the pads are made from fiber webbing to lock away all hair lengths and textures. Refill pads can be purchased six to a box.


The Pet Hair Lift Mitts are gloves with a grippy surface texture designed to remove pet hair from difficult surfaces like fabric, upholstery and linen. Made of breathable materials for a comfortable fit, the gloves are reusable and washable.

The Pet Hair Release Spray can be applied to fabrics, such as drapes and bed skirts, upholstery, and linen to help loosen pet hair. The spray, which doesn’t leave a residue, can be used on indoor and outdoor items.

I had a chance to try the entire system. My house is mostly carpet, so I didn’t get much of a chance to test the sweeper, and I don’t tend to see much cat hair gather in my bathrooms and kitchen, but it did pick up both loose hair and dust very well in those areas, especially along the baseboards.

The gloves worked extremely well. I used them to clean up a carpeted cat tree, and it was so much easier than using the vacuum cleaner attachment – not to mention less stressful for Allegra and Ruby! Ruby is terrified of the vacuum cleaner, and Allegra isn’t all that fond of it, either. I will also confess that I was a bit shocked at just how much cat hair had accumulated on the cat tree…  The gloves also did an amazing job on the carpet along the baseboards.

I did not test the spray, because I wasn’t comfortable with the active ingredient (dimethyl ditallow ammonium chloride,) so I can’t speak to its effectiveness.

Here’s a chance for you to try this system for yourself.

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55 Comments on Simple Solution Pet Hair CleanUp System – Book Review

  1. I have a Persian/Himilayan whose hair gets extremely long and thick. I’ve tried everything under the sun for cleaning tools and products. Due to my disability, it’s very difficult for me to bend down to pick up the stray hair all of the time. This sweeper alone is excellent and would do wonders in this house.

  2. I have a rescue kitty we adopted earlier this year, plus I have 8 kids. We get hairballs the size of dogs around here, LOL.

  3. We have 5 cats and wood floors so the sweeper would be put to good use. The Lift Mitts would come in handy with our mostly black Tortie. Any helpful product would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for the giveaway.

  4. This system looks like something I’d love to try! It definitely seems like it could help cut down on the pet hair. 🙂

  5. I only have one cat but I have enough cat hair on my floor to make three. I’ve tried all kinds of “pet hair” devices and I’m always open to something new. There must be something out there that will help. 🙂

  6. I’m drowning in cat fur! Having 5 cats means if I can’t keep it clean I risk hacking up hairballs, myself! I’d love to win this to help keep my space as clean as can be!

  7. I would love to win as I slack big time on cleaning my baseboards; however, I think my cat finds her hair mess quite cozy.

  8. You described me perfectly! Too much hair and always on the huntil for a silution! I would love to try these products!

  9. Boy do I need this! I have a dozen furry kids, porceline floors and cat hair, litter debris and dust up the wazoo!!! Vacuuming with a regular vacuum (and I have several types) doesn’t do the job 100%. So I would love to win this set of cleaners and try them out!

  10. I have not seen this at Target but it sounds great. Last year Ingrid reviewed a Bissell cordless sweeper which was advertised for cat hair removal and I got a nice discount for mentioning this site. It still works OK but to make it really pick up hair, rub the brush attachment with a dryer sheet. Works like a charm, carpet of hardwood floors. I have been using yellow kitchen rubber gloves which works pretty well. Good luck everyone!

  11. With my two cats and an endless rotation of fosters, I am always vacuuming – which leaves my own cat, Suki, absolutely terrified and hiding under the bed.. not pleasent. It would be great to try this on some of those harder to reach areas as well as in my kitchen (the hub of the household!)

  12. We have 4 cats and plenty of fur around our house – this would be so great to help clean up the fur and no more tumble weeds of fur. 🙂

  13. Annie’s Ragdoll hair is extremely fine (I call it Angel hair), so I’d love to see if this gathers it up more easily.

  14. My maine coon leaves hair everywhere and my 10 month old likes to try to eat it, I would like to limit this.

  15. The hair of all my cats is fine and tends to “hide” in clever places. I am constantly searching for the best way to keep their fur gifts to a minimum as I have my own coats, thank you. This looks like an interesting product. My fingers are crossed that we win! and that this product delivers! Amen.

  16. This would make my life so much easier. I only have 2 furbabies, but they both seem to shed a gallon or 2 a day in cat hair. I know I jest, but the fur seems to over run the house. Will be looking for these the next time I’m in target.

  17. Keeping up with cleaning the cat hair in here is impossible! Need something new to help. This product looks like just what we need!

  18. Would love to try this. I have cat beds that are impossible to clean thoroughly. Would be nice to see everything clean for once.

  19. We have been wanting to find a sweeper system like this that is non-toxic to pets. We also have hardwood floors as well as 3 beautiful kitties!

  20. I would like to win because we have 3 little dogs that always stay in the house and 2 big dogs that go out and in so needless to say the floors can get a little hairy and this could really help to clean it up.

  21. I would love a new and simple solution for cat hair cleanup! With four cats and two children, I have a lot to clean!

  22. I’d love to have something to clean the fur off of our cat tree. Carmine and Milita are both afraid of the vacuum, so the gloves sound perfect for that job.

  23. I recently moved to a house with all hardwood floors. I’ve never seen so much cat hair! I would love to try this out. Thanks.

  24. I have five Treeing Walker Coonhounds and three cats (all rescues). One of the cats is a Maine Coon, so he really puts off fur With 8 furbabies, we get tons of fur in our house and I could really use help in cleaning it up.

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