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You’ve come to know and love Simon’s Cat from his YouTube videos. It all started with Cat Man Do, featuring black and white pencil drawings of a cat trying to wake his guardian, which has garnered more than 55 million views since it was posted eight years ago. Since then, Simon’s Cat has become an empire, featuring more videos, books, and merchandise ranging from t-shirts to cat beds to fine art prints.

Simon’s Cat Off to the Vet and Other Catastrophes is the newest book in Simon Tofield’s series based on his YouTube cartoon character. Laugh-out-loud funny like all of Tofield’s work, this book features 240 pages of hilarious new gags and adventures featuring Simon’s Cat and his friends. According to Tofield: “Taking my naughty cat to the vet is one of the most requested film ideas from our fans. It was because of this that I started work on a new film and book based on the crazy situations that arise during these trips! A visit to the vet can be quite a stressful time in real life for both cats and their owners, however my goal is to bring out the comedy, and introduce a cast of extra characters for Simon’s Cat to meet, as he gets his claws into his new surroundings!”

This book will delight cat lovers, and makes a great stocking stuffer. Simon’s Cat Off to the Vet is available from Amazon* and other booksellers.

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  1. Before I became immersed in the world of cat blogging, I loved Simon’s cat – Cat Man Do always reminded me of Zee!

  2. I love Simon’s cat videos… I named my cat Simon (even though I know it’s not the name of the cats but the owner) but it fitted my baby boy so well! 🙂 I want that book, it looks really funny

  3. I love Simon’s cat videos… I named my cat Simon (even though I know it’s not the name of the cats but the owner) but it fitted my baby boy so well!

  4. So funny and dead on, I just love Simon’s cat , I collect cat related books and would love to add this one, thanks.

  5. Simon’s cat is one of those simple joys in life. Where he gets his creative brain from I do not know. I am mad about Simon! I can’t wait to read it.

  6. Love the Simon’s cat. His books and videos are soooo funny. Will enjoy reading this one too. Thanks for the giveaway.

  7. i love watching Simon’s Cat on Youtube, so glad there is a book to complement the videos, would love it!

  8. I LOVE Simon’s Cat. I always look forward to new videos and can’t wait to get this book. Thanks for the chance to win it!

  9. I absolutely adore Simon and his cats. I was fortunate to get to see him at Politics and Prose in Washington, D.C. Some time back. It was very entertaining hearing him talk about his real cats. I’m sure I’d enjoy this book as much as the last and would love to win a copy!

  10. I’m a huge fan of Simon’s Cat, and I have the other books. I’d love to have this one, too. This is exactly how it looked at our house this Monday!!!!!

  11. I love Simon’s Cat and I have waiting anxiously for the book and animated video, Simon’s Cat: Off To The Vet, since Simon announced it. Simon’s cat won’t be a happy camper having to go to the vet.

  12. My human and I are huge Simon’s Cat fans! I know Simon did a great job on this book and I really want to see it!

  13. I don’t know how he does it, but Simon always captures our cats exactly as they are, purrsonalities and all. I’m looking forward to the book.

    • I’d love to read about Simon’s cat new adventure. Bindi Bunnyfur, my tortie with white is a naughty cat when it comes to getting her nails clipped.

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