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Hi everyone, it’s Ruby! I thought I’d present a tutorial I developed for how to make the most of your time on your human’s lap. Mom says I’m the best little lap sitter, and I’m constantly purr-fecting my technique!

1. Begin by looking up at your human with a pitiful expression on your face. You know you can jump on your human’s lap anytime you please, but it’s more effective to make your human think they have to coax you up. It works like a charm 99% of the time with Mom. The other 1% (hey, are you impressed with my math skills!) I just jump up anyway.

2. Once you’re on your human’s lap, you can either simply curl up and go to sleep, or you can do what I do for extra points: I put my paws on Mom’s shoulder and give her a big hug. I know she loves it, and the best part is, she hugs me back!


3. Before you settle down completely, you might want to give yourself a quick bath. Humans tend to think this is adorable. For extra points, lick your human’s hand a few times.

4. Then it simply comes down to staying power. Curl up in a comfortable position, and go to sleep. Most humans will not make you move, even if they start to feel uncomfortable, or if they have to use their litter box. That’s because humans love it when we kitties sleep on their laps.

5. Oh, and don’t forget to purr. Humans love that!

Do your kitties like to sit in your lap?

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