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I’ve always felt that writers and cats are the purrfect combination. I’m not sure I could write anything worth publishing without the assistance of Allegra and Ruby, and I certainly never would have written Buckley’s Story or started The Conscious Cat if it hadn’t been for Buckley and Amber. Writers and Their Cats celebrates this special relationship.

Ernest Hemingway, ca. 1954. © Earl Theisen-Look Magazine. Ernest Hemingway Collection. Photographs. John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Boston

This beautiful book features 45 famous authors and their cats in photographs and stories, from Hemingway’s cats, whose descendants still live at Hemingway House on Key West, to Lillian Jackson Braun, whose own Siamese cats were, of course, the inspiration for Koko and Yum Yum and her famous “Cat Who…” series,  to Neil Gaiman’s tiny cat Zoe, who is blind and like a “fluffy bundle of love.”

Alice Walker
Alice Walker, photograph by Andrea Roth

Perhaps Glora Steinem put it best when she said that cats are “a writer’s most logical and agreeable companion.”

Gloria Steinem pets her cat in her New York apartment on March 18, 1970. (AP Photo)

Writers and Their Cats is available from Amazon.

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All photos from Writers and Their Cats by Alison Nastasi, published by Chronicle Books 2018, used with permission.

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