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As is often the case for me, the cover of A Tiger’s Tale is what initially drew me to the book. My eye immediately went to the little black kitten on the rock! When I read the synopsis, I was hooked:

When a normally mellow tiger at a rescue facility trees a terrified vet, animal behaviorist Grace Wilde needs to use her psychic ability to get to the root of the problem…

A Tiger’s Tale is the second book in Laura Morrigan’s Call of the Wilde series, featuring veterinarian and animal behaviorist Grace Wilde. When the even tempered Siberian tiger Boris goes into attack mode, Grace knows something isn’t right. As she uses her telepathic abilities to calm the agitated tiger, she receives images from him that show the kidnapping of a teenage volunteer at the wild cat sanctuary.

Even though Grace has a sexy cop boyfriend who is aware of her abilities to communicate with animals, he can’t exactly initiate an investigation based on “the tiger told me…,” so Grace begins to search for clues to the teenager’s disappearance. Before long, she finds herself involved in a tangled web of a mystery that includes mobsters, donkeys, tigers, her wolf hybrid dog Moss, and an adorable black kitten named Voodoo. Throughout the book, Grace’s psychic abilities move the investigation forward, even though she can’t always reveal to others where her information comes from. This struggle adds an intriguing element to the mystery.

This is a well-crafted mystery with likable characters. Morrigan clearly knows animals. (According to her website, at one point in her life, she volunteered at zoo, helping out with everything from “waste management” to teaching an elephant how to paint. She currently lives in Florida with her husband and “far too many cats.”) I loved the relationship between Moss and the kitten: the large dog appoints himself protector of tiny little Voodoo, and you can’t help but smile at the description of their special relationship.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. In fact, I liked it so much that I may have to read the first in the series, Woof at the Door, even though it doesn’t appear to feature any cats.

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