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When it comes to nutrition, the same is true for cats as for people: whole, unprocessed or minimally processed food is better. The optimal diet for a cat is a properly balanced raw or gently cooked diet. Even though conventional veterinarians caution against making your own food, with the appropriate recipe and ingredients, homemade food can be a viable option for cat parents who prefer this to a commercial diet.

In The Holistic Vet Blend Cookbook, Dr. Dody Tyneway, a holistic veterinarian with more than 30 years experience, shows us that making your cat’s food is actually easier than most pet parents think.

Featuring a quick start guide to help the reader get going, this cookbook includes a wide array of canine and feline recipes, along with bone broth and snack recipes as well as detailed feeding guidelines. The book features beautiful photos as well as clear and concise step-by-step instruction.

Dr. Tyneway developed her own premix, which makes things even easier. And unlike other books on how to make your own food for cats, her recipes don’t contain any grains or vegetables.

The Holistic Vet Blend Feline Premix can also be used to make your own raw food.

The Holistic Vet Blend Cookbook is available from Amazon.

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