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The Cat With Twenty Toes is an illustrated children’s book featuring a polydactyl cat named Sookie. The author uses Sookie as a metaphor to celebrate the physical differences among all living creatures.

Colorful illustrations and a rhyming verse make this book a fun and lighthearted way to introduce the concept of diversity to young children.


Sookie is based on Tony Lovitt’s brother Brad’s cat and is dedicated to Brad’s memory. A portion of all proceeds for this book will go to the City of Hope cancer treatment and research facility in Los Angeles.


The Cat With Twenty Toes is available from Amazon.

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Interior images provided by the author, used with permission

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  1. What a wonderful and adorable book for children and I wish I had a child in my life to buy it for. One of my very first cats years ago, Roger, was polydactyl and I loved his big feet!

  2. We have a Polydactyl we rescued here in San Antonio, Texas. Muffin is about 14 yrs now, talks to us, saying Hi, Yeah & responds to our questions. She also punches her rescue siblings with her 5 finger fists! Still the alpha-girl! She holds my hand, too! Love ❤️ our little golden doll!

  3. I remember a vacation years ago in Florida and seeing the desendents of Ernest Hemingway’s cats that were polydactyl. There were a few that were buried on the site with their names on stones. He loved his cats.

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