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Brushing is not only a great way to keep your cat’s coat and skin healthy, it’s also a wonderful way for you to spend quality time with your cat – if your cat enjoys being groomed. For cats who don’t like being brushed but enjoy being petted, a grooming glove may be the purrfect solution.

Soft Tip Grooming Glove features

Made from pet-safe silicone and breathable mesh, these gloves have 259 silicone tips (apparently somebody counted them, I did not verify this!) The tips easily remove fur while gently massaging the skin. The loose fur sticks to the mitt and can easily be peeled off.


Putting the Soft Tip Grooming Gloves to the test

Allegra loves to be brushed with a slicker brush. We have a little ritual: every day when I go into the kitchen to make my lunch, she gets up from her morning nap and eagerly waits for me to pick up the brush and give her a good brushing. Because she loves her brush so much, I wasn’t sure whether she’d like the gloves, but she was intrigued.

She was a little confused at first, but then allowed me to pet her with the glove for a couple of minutes. They picked up a good amount of fur, and the fur came off the glove easily. A tip, in case you’re not already doing this: don’t throw away the fur, toss it in your backyard. The wild critters and birds will thank you and use it to pad their nests.

The Soft Tip Grooming Gloves are available from Raw Paws Pet Food.

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  1. Another tip for the fur: put some in your basement or attic where mice may get in. The entire time I had kitties I had no mice in my house, but I did see some evidence of them in my basement before I started putting the fur there.

  2. I have a comb that I brush Tasha with daily. What a great Idea to throw the fur in the back yard. Right now I think the birds would love to have something soft, warm, and cuddly to nest into.

  3. These gloves look much nicer than the ones sold years ago.

    Miss Lulu has a funny habit for grooming. When I blow dry my hair, she hops up on the bathroom counter and wants me to run the dryer over her body and brush her. It takes me twice as long to dry my hair because of this, but I love how cute and demanding she can be. I’ll do anything for her.

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