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Cats can teach us a lot of things, including how to make the world a better place. In Skinny the Cat and the Magic of Kindness, Donna Rawlins shares the story of a neighborhood cat who wins her heart.

From the publisher:

When Skinny, a neighbor’s scrawny rescue cat, sets out to win the affection of the author’s own cantankerous kitty, at first the fur flies-but Skinny knows a secret that can change the world: how to love with unwavering persistence. For weeks, Skinny faithfully showed up at the author’s door hoping to get a glimpse of her feline princess-sometimes getting a triple right paw punch for his pains. But her unlovable behavior never stopped him from loving her. Skinny will open your heart, too: he’s the cat who not only refused to give up, but who showed an entire community the miracles that can happen when you practice loving kindness. Skinny reminds us that those who appear to be the least deserving of our compassion and gentleness often need it the most, and that loving those who seem unlovable offers healing for ourselves and for the planet.

If your heart  has been opened by the love of a cat, you won’t find this story surprising, but you’ll be thoroughly charmed by Rawlins’ account of Skinny and the other cats in her life. At 60 pages, some of them gorgeous, full color photographs, this is a small book, but it packs a powerful punch. Through Skinny and the other cats in the book, the reader is reminded of the importance of compassion and kindness toward our fellow residents on this planet, be they human or furry.

This little book just may bring some magic to your own life.

In addition to writing and love of animals, Donna is a voice actor, singer, and songwriter whose songs have appeared in major TV shows and films. Represented for voice-over by William Morris Endeavor in Beverly Hills, her commercial credits range from Macy’s to United Airlines to Suzuki plus audio book recordings like The Death and Life of American Cities by Jane Jacobs, Tami Hoag’s, Taken by Storm and Dana Reinhardt’s, Harmless. Please visit for more information.

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