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Scratching is a natural behavior for cats. Cats scratch to groom their claws, to mark their territory, and for exercise; scratching stretches the muscles in the front legs and all along the back. And they scratch simply because it feels good.

As far as I’m concerned, you can’t have too many scratchers in your home, and until you figure out your cat’s preferences, it’s important to offer a variety of different substrates as well as orientations. Some cats prefer sisal, others carpet. Some like to scratch vertically, some horizontally, and some, at an incline. This is why I was delighted when I came across the Scratch Ladder™, an innovative scratcher that offers cats a variety of scratching surfaces in a clever design.

ScratchLadder features

ScratchLadder is a four-rung system designed with interchangeable panels featuring sisal, wood, carpet and cloth to cover various scratching preferences. Creator Jeff Goronkin, Founder and CEO of Scratch Play Meow, was inspired to create ScratchLadder by his own cat Milo. After watching Milo scratch at every wooden surface in the house, he designed a ladder made from wood and placed it everywhere Milo liked to scratch. Once seeing how much Milo loved the ladder, the idea of adding interchangeable panels with a variety of surfaces such as pile carpet, sisal carpet, velvet, and more, grew from there.

The ScratchLadder is handmade from high quality materials and is produced by Pine Ridge Industries, a division of the Schenectady ARC. The Schenectady ARC is a chapter of The Arc, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.


My take on the ScratchLadder

The ScratchLadder ships fully assembled (a big plus in my book!) The panels attach with heavy duty velcro strips, so you can easily move them into different positions, depending on your cat’s preference. Panels can be purchased separately. It is sturdy and the angle is such that I think it would take a very large cat  running at it at full speed before it would even begin to wobble.

I really like the design. I’m big on products that combine function with visual appeal for the human, and the ScratchLadder hits that mark for me.


Allegra’s take on the ScratchLadder

Allegra was intrigued with the ScratchLadder as soon as I placed it in our living room. This is our first incline scratcher, so it took her a little while to figure out how to scratch on it. I can tell that she’s used the sisal and carpet panels, but I haven’t caught her in action so I don’t have any video.

Scratch Play Meow gives back

Scratch Play Meow donates ScratchLadders to local humane societies. Check out this video of their visit to Adirondack Save-a-Stray:

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The ScratchLadder is available from Etsy and Amazon, and directly from

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