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The last time Allegra got excited about an electronic toy was almost nine years ago when I got the Cat’s Meow toy for Allegra and Ruby for Christmas. Since then, she just hasn’t show much interest in these types of toys, preferring interactive wand toys, puzzle toys, or small toys that can be tossed. I was curious to see  how she would react to PeFusion’s Ambush toy.


PetFusion Ambush toy features

  • Feather toys randomly pops out of six entries to simulate prey
  • Center LED light
  • Anti-skid feet keep toy in place on smooth floors
  • Fast and slow mode
  • Comes with replacement feather, 3-pack replacement feathers available
  • Auto shut off feature
  • 4 AA batteries included
  • 12-month warranty covers manufacturer defect


Putting the Ambush toy to the test

I love that the toy comes with batteries – that hardly ever happens! Allegra was intrigued, but seemed a bit underwhelmed with the action.

The sound of the motor, which is fairly quiet, did not bother Allegra, but it may be an issue for sound-sensitive cats.

I wish Allegra had been more excited about this toy, because I really like the idea and the execution. I will keep trying to see if I can get her interested in it, but don’t let the fact that she wasn’t all that enthusiastic about it deter you from trying it for your kitties. As with all cat toys, sometimes, there’s just no rhyme or reason as to why a cat loves or doesn’t love a particular toy!

The Ambush toy is available from and from Amazon.

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