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Puzzle toys are a great way to keep your cats entertained and mentally stimulated when you can’t play with them. The toys are designed to be filled with treats or food, and they challenge kitty to retrieve the treats through varied openings in the toys.

Puzzle features

The OURPETS Sushi Treat Dispensing Toy features small wells covered by sushi disks that can be slid back and forth. Simply place a treat in the well, cover it with the disk, and let your cat have fun! The puzzle can be handwashed with a mild (and I recommend fragrance-free) soap and water.


Putting the sushi puzzle to the test

I used freeze dried salmon treats in the puzzle. Allegra could smell the treats, but just couldn’t seem to figure out how to get at them. I moved one of the disks ever so slightly so she could see the well underneath, and that’s all she needed. From that point on, she got every single treat out of the puzzle.

The Sushi Treat Dispensing Puzzle is available from

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