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Since the publication of A Street Cat Named Bob in 2012, James Bowen and Bob have been capturing hearts and minds around the world. The book is an international bestseller and there are rumors that it will be made into a movie. I’ve been following James and Bob on their Facebook page for the past two years, and I am thrilled for the incredible success they’ve been experiencing. As far as life changing cats go, Bob is in a category of his own.

Like many of us who have rescued strays, James often wondered what Bob’s life was like before the two soul mates met. My Name is Bob is an imagined look at Bob’s past. After his world was suddenly turned upside down, Bob finds himself living on the street. Alone, scared and hungry, he searches for a new home. Of course, we know how the story ends: James takes in the injured stray, and the rest, as they say, is history – albeit history that is still being written.


The book is aimed at young readers aged 4 through 7, but it is so charming and uplifting, even adults will find themselves hard-pressed to not fall in love with this book. Beautifully illustrated by Gerald Kelley, you can just feel the love radiating off the pages of this book. The book also features two pages of photographs of Bob and James.


This is a story about overcoming adversity. It’s a story of two soul mates. And ultimately, it’s a story about finding love.

Treat yourself to this book – for yourself, or as a gift for a young friend. You won’t regret it.

Watch James read to Bob from the book:

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