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Lisa Roberts is passionate about design. The former architect began collecting contemporary product designs in the 1980’s. Her extensive collection features more than 400 pieces. She has written books about design and is a trustee and board member at several design museums. She is also the human of Mr. Waffles, a gorgeous former shelter cat. Mr. Waffles Loves Design features stunning photos of the beautiful hauspanther on the colorful pieces of Lisa’s collection.

Whether he’s sleeping on chairs by Frank Gehry or posing with teapots by Michael Graves, Mr. Waffles has clearly decided that his presence enhances the beautiful objects, and I think he is absolutely right!


To Waffles, the pieces are more than just household objects. Chairs serve as a potential scratching post or jungle gym, bookshelves are just fancy cat trees, and trashcans are meant to be tipped over.

Each photo is accompanied by a description of the design and a comment by Mr. Waffles.


This little book is a delight for cat lovers and lovers of contemporary design, and makes a purrfect gift.

Mr. Waffles Loves Design will publish September 16, 2019 and is available for pre-order from Amazon.

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