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A growing body of research shows that mindfulness reduces stress, increases focus and cognitive flexibility, makes us less emotionally reactive, increases empathy and compassion and just generally makes us happier. In Mindfulness for Cat Lovers, Carole Bosanko, a clinical psychologist who has worked with the National Health Service for over 30  years, shows us how mindfulness and cats are the purrfect combination.

The book features a series of mindfulness exercises designed to help you develop and maintain a mindfulness practice. From Mindful Cat Observing to Mindful Cat Drawing, Bosanko takes the reader through each exercise with detailed instructions. The exercises range in length from 5 to 20 minutes, allowing you to start small and increase your practice over time.

My favorite exercise is Mindful Cat Appreciation, which is all about acknowledging the many ways in which your cat enriches your life. I can’t think of a lovelier way to just be in the moment with your cats.

Interspersed with beautiful full color photos of cats, this lovely little book is a wonderful gift to yourself and your cats – because what better way to spend time with our cats than being completely focused on them?

Mindfulness for Cat Lovers is available from Amazon.

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