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Some cat memoirs cover dramatic events in a cat’s or person’s life. Others showcase a cat’s special talents. And some memoirs simply chronicle life with cats, in all its ups and downs. Mighty Little Man: My Story, His Story, Our Story by Jonathon Scott Payne is one of those chronicles.

From the publisher:

Jonny, a US Air Force engineer, has faced many personal and professional challenges throughout his life, met quite a few successes and failures, and loved and lost his fair share of pets, but none of them compare to his experience with Little Man. Before he is even a year old, Little Man is declared mascot of Jonny’s military unit, and the special bond between Jonny and Little Man grows stronger with each passing year. But they eventually face a heart-wrenching situation more painful than any Jonny has faced before. He will have to adopt his “whatever it takes” attitude in order to wage battle against Little Man’s certain death.

The author is not your stereotypical cat lover, but this Harley-Davidson riding, truck-driving, muscle car-building man has a soft spot for cats. When Little Man is faced with a mysterious life-threatening illness, Jonny’s “can do” attitude is tested to the max.


While I couldn’t really relate to the author’s more “manly pursuits” (I confess to having absolutely  no interest in cars or airplanes and I skipped those sections,) and while the book could have used a better editor, I thoroughly enjoyed this account of the many cats who have shared Payne’s life. I fell in love with Little Man, and found myself reading with my heart in my throat at times as the author and a team of veterinarians try to save Jonny’s special friend.

As with so many pet memoirs, the real appeal of this book lies in how readers can recognize parts of themselves in the author’s relationship with his special cat.

Photo of Little Man via the author’s website.

I received a copy of this book from the author. Receiving the complimentary copy did not influence my review.

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8 Comments on Review: Mighty Little Man by Jonathon Scott Payne

  1. Oh… Stereotypes should only be in the minds of those who do not love or understand cats. I run with the Harleys, I work on cars, I body build, I build furniture — and l love cats — nothing here is mutually dependent on the other.

  2. I actually edited this book, and so read it many, many times before it was published and do not understand the comment about the editor (although I do not take it personally, because each author does or does not always use my ideas and suggestions, although Jonny did very well in that aspect. I loved it. I may not relate as much to “manly” things (as Ingrid called them) but found them interesting and she very much needed to read them to understand the man, the cat, the family. Ingrid did not read these (by her admission) so cannot truly give the finest review without doing so.
    I can say with all honesty that Jonny is an honest, true, fabulous man and anyone can glean a wonderful experience by reading this book. Little Man is a wonderful cat, and anyone who loves cats will love him.

  3. I wish that I had memoirs and home video of the beautiful kitties who have blessed parts of my life.

  4. While I don’t know the ending…yet…I can so relate & empathize with some humans having that “one special animal.” An unbelievable bond.
    I had this with my Kitty, & I felt it from our 1st meeting. I wondered if she was a reincarnated person I once knew who had died!
    Anyway, so much is mysterious with the animal kingdom & humans, that just maybe, maybe there is another unseen, but felt, “knowing” between some fortunate loving souls.
    Thank you.

    • These special relationships are amazing, aren’t they, Ronnie. I think those of us who have experienced them, or are experiencing them, are truly blessed.

    • What you wrote is so true. People do not simply have human soulmates, they have animal soulmates as well and the loss is equally devastating.

    • Ronnie, I had a “Kitty” that is also mentioned in the book. She was a sweetheart! On a recent trip to Omaha, I drove by our old house where she is buried in the backyard just so I could whisper to her, “Hey baby girl. Daddy loves you.”

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