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Not too many people know that I like heavy metal music. Actually, I like pretty much every genre of rock, from classic to alternative to yes, heavy metal. But rock music and cats don’t always go together, especially since most cats don’t like loud noises (I make sure I only blast my music at top volume when I’m in my car, away from Allegra and Ruby’s sensitive ears.)  I definitely never thought I’d ever see a book that combines two of my loves: cats, and heavy metal music.

Metal Cats features photography by Alexandra Crockett, a musician and jewelry designer who has been present and active in the San Francisco Bay area metal community since the age of 15 and is currently a doctoral student. She got the idea for the book while doing promotional photos for bands and friends she would cat-sit for. The juxtaposition of heavily tattooed, long haired men with their beautiful cats showcases once again that there is no such thing as a stereotypical cat lover.


Cats and heavy metal are often equally maligned and misunderstood. In the Middle Ages, cats were said to be in league with the devil. In 1985, Tipper Gore and her followers told the world that heavy metal was evil. We now know that neither of these are true. In fact, cats and heavy metal musicians may have more in common than you’d think. The book’s introduction states, “we love cats because they do everything society tells us they can’t.” Maybe that’s part of the appeal of cats for some of these hardcore “tough guy” cat lovers.


Just like cats aren’t evil, metal isn’t all dark and disturbing. The photos in this book show that while the music may be harsh and loud, the men making it are just as besotted with their cats as you and I.

Photos from: Metal Cats by Alexandra Crockett, published by powerHouse Books, reprinted with permission

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  1. I am not into heavy metal but; it sounds like a great book. And I like that is shows a different side of heavy metal guys. And that they love animals too. Usually you just hear the bad stuff.
    Sue B

  2. I too love heavy metal and cats! My metal man loves cats too 😀 He is a bassist in a hard rock band. The cats love climbing his amp stack and bugging him when he is practicing guitar, it’s one of their favorite things.

  3. Just goes to show that furry cat love is universal! I grew up with heavy meal music, with pop and rock and country and big band all mixed in. Right now, I tend to turn on the classic music radio station, but it changes to jazz at night and it’s all good. I catch the dh listening to oldies during the day, yet any Iron Butterfly tune that comes on gets the volume turned WAY UP! Remember when we used to try to blow out speakers? Okay, so I’m dating myself but music is a soul connection, and so are cats. I’ll pick up this book! Thanks, Ingrid!

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