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I consider probiotics one of the most important supplements for all cats. There has been a fair amount of research on the human side on how critical a healthy gut is for a strong immune system, healthy body weight and composition, and even mental health. A healthy gut also minimizes the risk for numerous diseases, including diabetes and cancer.

Probiotics are crucial to promoting good intestinal health. While there are far fewer studies about the benefits of probiotics for animals, the studies that do exist have found that probiotics have the same positive effect on animals as they do on humans.

There are few probiotics specifically formulated for cats, so I was delighted to see that Jackson Galaxy just launched his own cat probiotic, and even more delighted that it also contains digestive enzymes.

Prebiotics, probiotics, and digestive enzymes

This product contains prebiotics, probiotics and digestive enzymes, to work together to help with digestive health, provide support against inflammation, allergies, and more.

This formula is made in the US and contains human grade ingredients. The flavorless powder makes it easy to administer with food.

If your cat has never been on probiotics before, you will most likely notice improved digestion and better stools.

cat being fed a cat treat or cat food by hand
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Putting the Complete Cat Probiotic to the test

The formula is truly flavorless (I tried it!) and you only need a very small amount – 1/2 scoop for adult cats, 1/4 scoop for kittens. Simply mix in with food once a day, or divide the amount between two meals.

Allegra has been getting a flavorless probiotic mixed in with her meals for all her life, so this was nothing new for her. She certainly didn’t give me any indication that she noticed anything different about her meal.

This is a premium formula.  The entire container will last 160 days for an adult cat. If you’re not already using probiotics, I encourage you to start now. This product is an excellent choice.

Visit for more information and to purchase.

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