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In The Inner Life of Cats: The Science and Secrets of Our Mysterious Feline Companions, Thomas McNamee provides fascinating insights into the complicated world of our mysterious cats. Science is finally beginning to understand just how complex feline communication and emotions may be, and the author provides information from past and current studies that will have you nod your head in recognition, but also cause plenty of “aha” moments. But  best of all, the author illustrates the scientific findings with anecdotes of his own beloved cat Augusta, from the time he and his wife rescued the little black kitten on a snowy night in Montana to her final days fifteen years later.

Beautifully written and deeply engrossing, this book takes us from the cat colonies of Rome to the streets of San Francisco to the wild mountains of Montana as it tells the story of how cats have taken up such a significant space in our homes and our hearts. The book covers:

  • What’s behind cats’ sometimes mystifying and occasionally frustrating (to humans) behavior and why it always makes sense from the cat’s perspective.
  • How to decode your cat’s behavior
  • What cats need from us to thrive.
  • How we can do a better job keeping our cats content and happy.
  • The controversy about free-roaming cats and their impact on wildlife.

This is not a how-to manual, nor is it a light read. If you’re looking for simple advice on how to help with feline behavior problems, this book would not be my first choice, but if you want to get a better understanding of cats and their unique nature, this is a must read.

The Inner Life of Cats is available from Amazon and everywhere books are sold.

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5 Comments on Review: The Inner Life of Cats

  1. Perfect!!! Thanks for letting us know about this book.Cats are my passion and while I enjoy stories, I have this need to really understand them . A heavy read is what I am looking for.

  2. Thank you for the heads up! Will order.

    And I like that it’s a more heavy, science-based feline study. I’ll be ordering and looking for further insights on my main interest: lost cat behavior.

    I suspect this will be a wealth of info to help guide me in tracking missing cats.

    Thank you for the review and alert that it’s out and available!

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