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Andrew Marttila is one of the most talented cat photographers I know. His images feature celebrity cats, shelter cats, and house cats with a level of detail that captures each cat’s essence. Andrew graduated with a degree in neuroscience, but he took a different career path when his social media took off while he was finishing school. In How to Take Awesome Photos of Cats, Andrew shares his wealth of knowledge about cat photography.

This comprehensive guide walks the reader through all the steps involved in taking purrfect cat photos, from composition to to lighting to editing. Andrew covers all aspects of photography in great details, but does it in an easily accessible, fun way that makes it feel more like you’re talking to a good friend who’s an expert in something you don’t know much about, rather than listening to a lecture.


I took one of Andrew’s photo editing workshops at last year’s Cat Camp, and I learned more in those 45 minutes than I learned in years of using my photo editing software. Reading this book felt a lot like taking one of Andrew’s workshops with the added bonus that you can keep going back to review sections and dive in deeper.

I found the chapter on phone photography particularly helpful. It explained features I didn’t even know my phone had, or I knew it had them, but I didn’t really know how to use them. I also picked up even more great tips for photo editing.


And of course, the book also features plenty of gorgeous photos of cats and kittens.

This book is a must have for anyone taking photos of cats – so basically, for every cat parent!

How to Take Awesome Photos of Cats is available for pre-order from Amazon.

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