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We are big fans of Dezi & Roo here. The company was founded by our resident feline veterinarian, Dr. Lynn Bahr. With Dezi & Roo, Dr. Bahr combined her passion for strengthening the human-animal bond with her veterinary background and knowledge of what cats need and want. The company name was inspired by two cats of the same names.

Dr. Bahr knows what cats want and how to keep them entertained, and designs her toys accordingly. The Wiggly Wand is no exception. It features a comfortable handle and fishing line, but the real fun is in the attachments. We got the cuttlefish and buzzer attachments.


Allegra went nuts for this toy. She can get bored with wand toys pretty quickly, but the cuttlefish held her attention, and she gets excited every time I pull the wand out of the closet. She also liked the buzzer, although it wasn’t quite as big a hit as the cuttlefish.


For more information about the toys, and to purchase, please visit Dezi & Roo’s Etsy shop.

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