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We are big fans of Dezi & Roo here. The company was founded by our resident feline veterinarian, Dr. Lynn Bahr. With Dezi & Roo, Dr. Bahr combined her passion for strengthening the human-animal bond with her veterinary background and knowledge of what cats need and want. The company name was inspired by two cats of the same names.


We received their new Wandtoy Wonderland pack for review. Can’t you just tell by looking at the photo that these are toys cats will love?

The set includes a wand, and one each of the A-Lure Ring, Oh-Ring, Flutter Ring, Cuttlefish and Wiggly Wand. The attachments are made from sturdy brown paper, and they are guaranteed to get your cat hunting, chasing, jumping and catching. The toys can be attached to the wand, or used without.


Allegra absolutely adores the Oh-Ring! I haven’t seen her as excited about a toy in a very long time. She tosses it in the air, chases it up and down the stairs, and just generally goes nuts with it. She moves so fast when she plays with it that I wasn’t able to get a decent video, but I did manage to get this still photo. I think you can see  on her little face just how happy she is, can’t you?

Ruby’s favorite is the A-Lure Ring. Maybe it’s because pink is her favorite color? I think it has more to do with the clever design and the erratic way it moves when it’s batted around. I don’t even have to toss it for her – when she comes across it, she starts a crazy play session all on her own.

In addition to batting the toys all over the house, they also love playing with them when they’re attached to the wand.

For more information about the toys, and to purchase, please visit Dezi & Roo’s Etsy shop.

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6 Comments on Dezi & Roo Cat Toys (2023 Review)

  1. I went to look at the toys on etsy, and ordered some. Thanks for the tip. One of my cats is indoor only and I’m always looking for new entertainment and stimulation. My cousins’ 3 cats are all indoor, so I ordered some extras for them.

  2. I have one of those fuzzy worm toys on a “fishing pole” and have learned to make it move around on the floor like a live creature. Chewy sells the “worms” by the bagful — seems like that’s what you need, Janine. I think I should get some of the ones on a ring like Ruby loves.

  3. Watching Ruby with that worm toy reminded me of when those things came out attached to invisible string. Miss Kiki became obsessed with it. I couldn’t leave it out because she shredded them, so in the mornings she would scream her head off for me to get it out again and play with her. I want to get one for Lulu now. I know she would love it too.

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