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Gorgeous. Stunning. Vibrant. Those are just some of the words that come to mind while browsing through Dean Russo: A Retrospective. Brooklyn based Russo is one of the biggest names in the pop art work. He is known for his soulful animal portraits inspired by his love for dogs, but there are plenty of stunning cat portraits in this book.

From the publisher:

Organized in chronological order, this book spans his entire career to date, from early days drawing cartoon characters to his iconic celebrity portraits, animal welfare activism, and his new series portraying wildlife on the verge of extinction. Including an introduction by Russo and commentary on his style developments over the years, this book provides an inspiring look at an often-misunderstood artist.


While I would have liked to see more cat images in the book, the entire book is a feast for the eyes. I don’t naturally gravitate toward this style of art, but found myself drawn into the vibrant world of Russo’s paintings. I think it’s impossible to look at these paintings without feeling joy.


This is the kind of book you’re going to come back to again and again, and it makes a wonderful gift for animal and art lovers.

Dean Russo: A Retrospective is available from Amazon.

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All images ©Dean Russo, used with the publisher’s permission

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