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I’ve never liked the “for dummies” or “idiot’s guide” series of books, available on just about any topic you can think of, including cats. While they certainly seem to be popular, and while they often provide good information, the self-deprecation implied in the titles just doesn’t resonate with me. Wanting to learn more about something doesn’t make you a dummy. The newer “for the Genius” book series takes a somewhat more positive, tongue-in-cheek spin on this approach, but I’m still not crazy about it.

However, setting aside my admittedly very personal opinion about the book’s title, Ramona Marek’s Cats for the Genius is a fantastic, comprehensive guide intended to help you be the best cat parent you can be. From selecting a cat, preparing your home for the new arrival, as well as extensive information about health and behavior, this book covers it all in an easily accessible manner. Marek’s conversational and often witty writing style makes for thoroughly enjoyable reading.

I love that the book’s focus is on creating a strong relationship with your cat right from the start, which makes it a purrfect resource for new cat parents, but even seasoned cat parents will learn something new from this book. If you’re looking to add to your library of cat care books, this is the book to get.

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