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I love memoirs about cats that change their humans’ lives. I’ve had a few of these life changing cats in my own life, so I know just how much these furry angels in disguise can impact our lives. In To Catch a Cat: How Three Stray Kittens Rescued Me, journalist Heather Green shares her story of how three stray kittens that showed up in her boyfriend’s yard not only led to her becoming involved in a world of trapping, vet visits and kitten taming, but also helped her find her place in the world.

From the publisher:

Journalist Heather Green was finally putting down roots: in shiny, buzzing Manhattan. She loved her work and threw herself into sixty-hour weeks—once walking into a subway pole, getting a concussion, and still going to the office. Her new boyfriend Matt lived across the river in a New Jersey town that had none of the glamour of New York. She liked Matt—a lot—yet she wasn’t sure what to make of weekends in gritty, dilapidated Union City.
But things changed the summer morning Heather discovered a beautiful stray cat and her three black-and-white kittens in Matt’s neighbor’s backyard. When she made eye contact with one of the kittens, she felt something she’d never felt before. She and Matt had to save the little animals. Because if they didn’t, who would?

This is as much a story about rescuing and socializing feral kittens as it is a story about one woman’s journey of figuring out what she wanted out of life. Green lived the typical Manhattan lifestyle: thriving career, sixty-hour work week and a new boyfriend. For all intents and purposes, she was living the dream. And yet, she felt like something was missing.

When she started spending weekends at her boyfriend’s house in much less glamorous Union City, New Jersey, just across the Hudson river, she struggled with the idea of ever becoming comfortable in this rundown town. And yet, as she began to help the tiny kittens, things started to shift for her.

This heart touching story about how someone’s life was changed by three tiny kittens made me smile, sometimes laugh out loud, and also cry at times. Beautifully and honestly told, this book is sure to resonate with anyone whose life has been affected by loving cats.

To Catch a Cat is available from Amazon and everywhere books are sold.

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