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I’ve long been a fan of Megan Lynn Knott. Her delightful watercolor illustrations of cats just make me happy. In her new Cat Tarot deck, Megan combines her unique way of depicting the feline spirit with the classic cards. 

Classic major arcana cards take on a feline spin: cats play on the carpeted “Tower,” have fun with various “Wands,” drink from a selection of “Cups,” and hide behind a paper bag as “The Hermit.”


The deck comes with a 108-page booklet that guides you through how to lay out the cards and how to interpret them.


I absolutely love this deck. My only complaint is that the print in the guide booklet is way too small. I hope that Megan will decide to offer the guide book as a pdf for those of  us who have trouble with small print!

Cat  Tarot is available from Amazon.

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