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A couple of nights ago, I watched Cat People, a documentary by Asako Ushio, on Amazon Prime, and I just have to share it with you. I previously introduced you to this project last November, when Asako was putting the finishing touches on the film.

The film explores the many different ways humans coexist and share their lives with cats. From America to a small island in Japan, the film examines the many different facets of human feline relationships. “As a longtime owner of cats, I’ve always thought of myself as the perfect ‘mother’ ,”said Asako. “And there are so many others like myself dedicating their time, passion, and money to their love of felines, No other animal on the planet inspires as much loyalty from humans.”

Beautifully scored, the film features people of all ages who are devoted to improving the lives of cats everywhere, from trapping cats as part of a TNR project, to optimizing the living space of cats living in small indoor spaces, to the cats being cared for on Japan’s Cat Island.

This film is a celebration of cats and the people who love them.

Cat People is available to buy or rent on Amazon Prime. For more information about the film, visit

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  1. This film was great! It made me laugh, and cry. Cats are such amazing creatures! Kudos to all the amazing people out there working so diligently with TNR programs.

  2. The video touched my heart, my mind and my spirit not to mention the exhilaration it sent through my body. There’s something special about cats, all cats, small, medium, big and extra large. But we all must remember their cuteness, love and furry bodies only stay that way when we as caregivers take care of them properly. With daily maintenance, good nourishing food, warm places to sleep and eat and loving arms to hold and cuddle them. Cats aren’t just for those times when we need to feel cuddly or special, they’re for all times, everyday and every night all year long for all their years to come. Love them, but love them in the right way and they’ll love you back.

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