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I need to preface this review with two things: first, I’m a big fan of Yasmine Surovec’s cartoons. She is the creator of Cat vs. Human, and has a unique way of capturing cats and their varying personalities and the humans who serve them. Her whimsical drawings always make me smile or nod my head in recognition. And, second, I really dislike the term “cat lady.” I don’t care how much effort there has been over the last few years to make that term more “hip” and acceptable, for most people, the mind still inserts “crazy” when they hear those two words. I wrote an opinion piece about this topic several years ago, and what I wrote then still holds true for me today, so I’ll spare you the soap box here.


I approached reviewing The Cat Lady’s Creative Journal with a bit of a split mindset, but it turns out this book is wonderful. Illustrated with Yasmine Surovec’s charming art, this journal is filled with humorous drawings, blank pages to doodle on, activities, checklists, charts, writing prompts, and more.


This journal can serve as a creative outlet for you or a keepsake to help you remember special things about your cats. It might even get you started on doing some more serious journaling in general. Or, it might simply bring smiles, entertain you and make you grateful that you love cats.

The Cat Lady’s Creative Journal is available on Amazon.

Interior images ©Andrews McMeel publishing, used with permission

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  1. WOW, i sure would love to buy this journal/book. I remember when i was younger my brother kept telling me one day you will be the cat lady and even tho i only have 1 i somehow attract other cats. lol

  2. Thanks for introducing so many wonderful new books and products in your blog! I suspect I’ll become a fan of Yasmine Surovec too. Also, as a relatively new follower to your blog, I appreciate that you sometimes include links to older posts. Your article about the term “crazy cat lazy” made me think and I’ll be sharing it.

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