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Cats and boxes: we all know the fascination is endless. How many times have you bought what you thought was a really cool cat toy or cat tree for your cats, only to find that they love the box it came in much more than the actual item? Cat Castles: 20 Cardboard Habitats You Can Build Yourself offers step-by-step instructions to turn boxes and cardboard into a variety of cat houses and play spaces your cats will love.


Projects range from easy to “might require an engineering degree” (this is a strictly editorial comment from the perspective of someone like me who is definitely not a DIY person!)  and include condos, castles, pyramids, tubes, headquarters, entertainment centers, scratching pads, and much much more.


Beautifully illustrated with very detailed instructions for each project, this book will delight cat lovers who enjoy building things – and I bet it will delight kitties not just with the end product, but with the process of helping the human build the project.

Cat Castles is available from Amazon.

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  1. Good idea. Just curious — question – is this book of photo ideas only or does it contain patterns as one would use to trace for sewing garments or home dec? or, contain web links to access, download, and print out at home, the splice together for a paper pattern/template?
    Thank you.

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